Back-up heat

commongroundMarch 24, 2012

I use a wood range to heat my cape cod house (21'x32'), cook and heat my water.

I need a back-up heating to satisfy the insurance and to keep the plumbing from freezing for the unexpected case.

I did not use any back-up heat in the past 10 years so my requirements are minimal.

Few years ago I installed a 10000 Btus output (3kW) second-hand propane space heater with balanced flue and piezo start hooked on a couple of 20 lbs propane cylinders with an automatic switch.

It works but needs checking, is slowly rusting away, makes a hole in the wall and has never been used.

I am thinking of replacing it with a few electric baseboard heaters.

I have a 100A electrical service and won't change that. If the baseboard heaters kick in they will be the only load beside the small fridge and freezer I have in the house. I cook on propane in the summer.

What size baseboard heaters should I use and how many?

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The baseboard heaters should be placed on separate circuits. How many open circuits do you have and what size?


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Each heater on a dedicated 240V/20A circuit?

My panel has 2x 40A fuses, one of them is free, the other powers the workshop and 10x 20A fuses 2 of them are free.

I guess I could wire 3 or 4 1.5kW heaters on the 40A fuse, could I?

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"Each heater on a dedicated 240V/20A circuit? "

Not uncommon at all.

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