Have you seen The Secret Life of Words?

kitchendetectiveAugust 15, 2008

I viewed the film The Secret Life of Words recently, which I think is a very important, if flawed work. It feels a bit inappropriate to have noticed this, but the kitchen in the final scene knocked me out! Has anyone else seen it? It wasn't a perfect set, given its context, but I loved it.

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I just looked the movie up. Have it in the NetFlix queue. The reviews were good/bad, but sounds like it is worth a watch. There aren't many good movies out right now, good to have a suggestion. And I always look at the sets too, so I'll watch for the kitchen.

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Just watched the movie last night. Although a bit slow, which was an intent for injecting subtle symbolism. Not knowing the story ahead of time I found it to be well worth watching.

And that kitchen! It was beautiful, no wonder you asked about it. I wasn't sure about the color, if it was a teal or blue. The tile work beyond wonderful. Where do you think it is located? The countries filmed were Spain, Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

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The kitchen is fading from my sieve-like memory, but it looked teal to me. Lots of beadboard, an AGA range that matched the wood, and a glass mosaic backsplash with blue and yellow, a bit modern against the cottage kitchen. Lots of soul. Am I remembering it correctly? Not sure. I feel like one of those eye witnesses who got it wrong. I found the kitchen a bit too joyous for what preceded it, but I loved it. (Didn't want to give any spoilers. I found the movie very disturbing.) I wish I could find out more. I'm thinking Ireland, but I could be way off.

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It looked teal to me, but one of the shots was more a pale blue. With all the light surrounding the room, this could change what we are seeing. But you are remembering well what it looked like.

It is difficult to talk about the movie in case others have not viewed it. Although reviews have the full story and depth explained, which I didn't quite understand fully. Her voice was difficult to hear.

Yes disturbing and many symbolic messages, not a movie all would consider. The end may have been a dream, we really don't know how it ended and the kitchen may have been shown to throw us off. It was completely out of context from the story. You had me watching consistantly for a kitchen and couldn't figure out where the heck one was going to show up.

At first I thought the two children were theirs (twins), but now thinking it may have been a dream with her and the childhood friend. I might get the book to sort this out, but the story may only be a screenplay.

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