The Truth about Stainless Steel Appliances

colorladyAugust 22, 2014

I've wanted to post this message for a couple of years. Today is the day. I do this only to give people who are planning a kitchen a very clear view of what it will mean to shop for, buy, and then live with a stainless steel kitchen.
I didn't want stainless but I wanted finishes that would sell well when the time comes and it seems everyone....for some reason....wants stainless. I purchased a KA dishwasher and french door refrigerator; a Panasonic built in microwave which I put over a Bosch ss oven. I also bought a Caldera ss gas 5 burner cooktop. Now as far as I know, magnets don't stick to ss and yet magnets stick to every one of my appliances except the Caldera cooktop. All of the appliances except the cooktop are a nightmare to keep looking clean. They are covered with finger prints and drip marks all the time except immediately after a strenuous cleaning followed by a dry buffing. I used to clean my old white refrigerator doors once a month and then only if it looked like it needed it and lots of time it didn't. My Caldera ss cooktop on the other hand, is a breeze to clean. Unless it's particularly greasy I don't need more than water on the cleaning cloth. I am convinced it is the only ss in my kitchen that is REAL. The only appliance that my magnet will not stick to.
I would NEVER buy ss again unless a magnet stuck to it, or in other words, it was real and not a composite or whatever this other stuff is. When I think of how much more I had to pay for ss over the other colors like black or white I could cry. I think the black textured refrigerators look very swank.
My microwave and oven are not much of a problem because there's really such a small amount of ss(?) used as trim and the rest is glass which is way easier to clean.
I've tried all the recommended products and methods of cleaning, believe me. I just never wanted to have appliances that would need constant attention and if you don't either, I suggest you think long and hard about it....and bring a magnet with you when you go shopping. If it grabs you may regret buying it unless you're someone who likes spending lots of time cleaning and polishing your appliances.
As one final note. My KA dishwasher and French Door bottom freezer refrigerator both required major repairs within one year of ownership. The design flaws in the dishwasher are inexcusable. Never KA again for either in any of my future renovations.

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You say, " I would NEVER buy ss again unless a magnet stuck to it, or in other words, it was real and not a composite or whatever this other stuff is. I think you mean the opposite, a magnet won't stick to real stainless steal. I use WD 40 on my SS real and fake and honestly it really works better than anything else I've tried. I've been a fan of WD 40 for a long time and buy it by the gallon at Home Depot and keep a small spray bottle in my kitchen, it really works to clean so many things and even removes stickers without ever damaging the item, unlike some products. Some people say they don't want to use it around food, but unless you are putting your food directly on the face of your refrigerator, it's safe.

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Thank you so much kitchenlover1 for noticing my error. I did indeed mean that if a magnet stuck to it I wouldn't buy it. And thanks for the tip about WD40. Makes me think it would leave an oily film on the surface that would get fingerprints pretty quick but if you say it works, I'd be crazy not to at least try it.

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It does leave a slight oily film, but that's exactly why the fingerprints don't show. You're right, if you want ease of cleaning white is the easiest, I had a harder time with black until I started using WD 40, but I just love the way my stainless looks now.

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Your appliances are more higher end than mine but I went with Frigidaire and their SS has some patent because there stainless doesn't show all the marks and handprints. I'm not saying it's 100% not going to show anything, but if you touch the fridge with your finger, the spot disappears. I'm surprised higher end appliances don't offer something similar... Some people pay to have their high end appliances cleaned so I can see where it would be a pain to keep them looking good.

I just saw a new house build and according to this person, the "new" stuff is now called slate - darker looking stainless. It looked nice too.

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Thanks for your note Mrs.Shayne. As I mentioned, REAL stainless steel like that on my stove (to which a magnet does not stick) cleans up quite easily. It's the fake stuff that has been marketed as ss for years that is the big pain. I like the "slate" color idea. Too late for me though. I hope others will choose it over any "ss" a magnet sticks to.

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