Best cleaner for high shine laminate

HIWTHIDecember 25, 2011

I have high shine laminate floors (Bruce) and they are so difficult to clean to a spotless shine. I have to rub like crazy to dry with the mircorfibre mop or else I end up with spots or a film that attracts every foot and paw print that walks across it within an hour of cleaning.

What do you use to clean yours and with what equipment. I even tried the Sharp steam machine and that's a joke also. As soon as it's dry it attracts foot prints.

Thanks for your help.

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It's not your cleaner. It's your shiny floor. It's the nature of a shiny floor to show everything. Nothing you clean it with will make any difference.

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I just need people to tell me what they are cleaning with.

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But it will still show the footprints and everything else.

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