New To Kitchens? RIP ... a musical interlude

aliris19August 17, 2012

Hi again. Don't know if anyone will follow me over here. Breezy and Angie and enduring and several others were evidently hiding fun, cool, personal chats about music, life and the rest, within that pesky New To Kitchens thread!

They were trading favorite music for reasons I must have missed in the thread - perhaps they were sharing what triggered memories of ones no longer with us.

Someone mentioned carrying the music recommendations over to here, so this is a humble attempt to do so. For no particular reason I toss out a favorite piece of mine, just because. Listening to this music can make me a near-existential casualty in and of myself - I actually ran a red light listening to this at top volume. We have ceased such behaviour. :)

Here is redemption, crystallized: La Nuit

And listening to this at top volume is sure to bring out a good cleansing for me at least -- providing you make it through the intersection unscathed! In Memoriam. This actually sounds really lousy on my computer; you need great speakers for this (I think to play this piece of music must be why JBL was put on this earth).

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Hi, I don't know how the music started? It was only yesterday that I posted music to the thread; I was last to the music game. I mostly helped keep "New to Kitchens" on the first page and was thrilled at other's creative post.... A lot of time I'm in a fog;)

Links are beautiful. Thanks.

Headed to the Iowa State Fair.

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Stay away from the pigs!

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Hi!! Thanks for starting this, Aliris! I'm out of town at a family reunion and don't have a fancy phone from which to use GW.

I can't wait to get home and listen to your musical inspirations.

Oh, and as to how the music started, Bee posted the lyrics to 'Hello, Dolly' but with the word 'Dolly' replaced with 'New to Kitchens thread'. (The thread temporarily disappeared and was just then found.) I followed up with a line from the song 'Lookout Weekend' by Debbie Deb as it was a Friday and I wanted to type something more fun than the word 'bump'. :) It snowballed from there!

Off to enjoy a Saturday night camp fire!

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I saw this awesome ensemble this weekend. There are three sisters from Donegal, Ireland called the Henry Sisters, and 4 Appalachian guys from WV called The Fox Hunt Band that met up and started playing wonderful tunes together.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hang me

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OoooAngie, I love them! Thank you! Lucky you for getting to see them...

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I just heard something new on the radio I really liked. It's a little more rocked-out than my usual preference but it sounded good there (better than on the computer); the video's pretty funny too:

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Feeling jittery about my non-routine colonoscopy on Thursday.

Here is a link that might be useful: Arms of the angel

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Breezy, the procedure should be a breeze. I had one last year and the prep and procedure was easy peasy. The staff was wonderful. I never had one before and had put it off for 15 years because of everyones dire comments about the whole thing. It was WAY over blown. I wanted one when I was in my 40's because there was colon cancer in my family. Back then it wasn't "procedure". Now it is. But in the mean time I got psyched out with everyone's stories about the whole thing. I am a nurse and I should have sucked it up - but I delayed. All was normal and I got cool pictures of the inside of my colon:)

My prayers will be with you this week.

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Yeah, I agree -- the buildup is overblown. Course, I should be scheduling one too and have been delaying.... sigh. But the "procedure" is fine.

I will tell you the honest, shocking truth: I *like* that "prep" in which you and your toilet are annealed for a few hours. For me, as a busy mother on call 24/7 to seemingly everyone on the face of the planet, it was just about the only time I have *ever* had in private in 15+ years now. I set up a *huge* stack of reading material that I got through just the tiniest fraction of, locked the door ... it was unbelievably great. I was so disappointed when it all ended so soon. 'What, that's it? No more? Can I just stay in here another, oh, four hours or so? Please????'

Is this related to your Dad's pancreatic ca? I ask because of 'information' in the other 'direction' -- that is, long have I known that I am BRCA2+ (a "cancer susceptibility" gene of which a few aberrations are associated with various cancers in not-understood ways). And while I knew this about myself - duh, so *stupid* - I didn't think to wonder about the lineage from which I'd inherited it. I knew all my first-degree female relatives were dead of ovarian ca, but didn't think about the implications for my father. He was also BRCA2+, so I was wondering whether this colonoscopy, and your dad's ca were likewise related.

Anyway, good for you for following through. It's amazing how many of us (present company included) find reasons for delaying tests, even "non-routine" ones.

We'll all keep all digits crossed....

Oh, and I should include a musical link, right? ...only the one you included has me too filleted to find one. That was very sad; the movie very weird. I would prefer the music alone.

OK, here's: one that sustained me through way too many cancer treatments. I remember my brother shutting off the stereo and telling me to cut it out. There's only so much feeling sorry for yourself you can sustain. You Go Girl!

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You LIKE the prep? I've been without fresh fruit and veg since friday night (did anyone else have to do this?) and am starving, starving, starving today on the no food day.

Thank you, Enduring for the prayers.

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A week without fruit/veg? No, this is not the prep I've done. I presume your 'non routine' prep is different from what I know. I am sorry for you! Hopefully you'll have this past you soon.

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Breezy - don't know if you'll check in here again - but how did your colonoscopy go. I hope everything is ok.

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What?? No one else is posting music? It's fun! Doesn't have to be anything special or specific. I enjoy hearing what others like to fill their ears with.

I do keep checking in here, but haven't posted as I've owed Aliris a reply about my colonoscopy for many days now. Sorry, A!

I had the scope. Yes, the prep was awful. Low fiber diet for 5 days beforehand so no raw or steamed veggies and no fruit. Well, it did say you could have cooked melon. I asked the nurse who on earth cooks their melon!! Other banned veg regardless of cooking method: zucchini, squash, peas, broccoli, onions, cauliflower, potatoes with skin, and corn. No nuts or seeds. No brown or wild rice. Or pickles, popcorn, coconut, whole grain, bran, oatmeal, etc.

The worst part may have been having to chug-a-lug the nasty diarrhea-inducing liquid. The stuff was nasty, but then again, I think drinking anything in such great quantities in such a short span of time would have made me gag. By the time I had to drink the second half of the sutff at 7am the morning of the scope, I was throwing it up. Plus, I was nauseaus and had a headache since I stopped eating.

Anyway, that's behind me. It was worth the effort to know my colon is clear. Now we just need to figure out what IS causing the problems and pain. Having an ultrasound this afternoon to get a look.

Aliris, in a way this is or could be related to my Dad's pancreatic cancer. Lynch Syndrome or Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colorectal Cancer (NHPCC) runs down my Dad's maternal line. Lots of colon, pan, and prostate cancer across several generations. In women, Lynch also increases the risk of endometrium and ovarian cancers, which afflicted my grandmother, her sister, and some second cousins in my great aunt's family.

One of my brother's insisted that our Dad played this Don Williams song often during our childhoods so we included it in music to be played with the slideshow at his funeral. I don't remember it, but have now listened to it a hundred times. I think it applies today.

Here is a link that might be useful: I hope this day is good

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Ok here is an old one! I had this album years ago and I loved the use of rock with these old traditional lyrics.

Oh, and instead of "My dog matches my kitchen"...

its ..."My drumsticks match my sweater"

Here is a link that might be useful: Steeleye Span

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