Kitchen Cabinets - Cliq Studios vs. Medallion

Taiyo_1124August 4, 2012


I am planning and budgeting for kitchen remodeling and after doing some research online and getting some quotes from local cabinet stores, I narrowed my options down to either Cliq Studios cabinets or Medallion Silverline cabinets.

I summarized the specs of these cabinets and here they are.

Cliq Studios Cabinetry

Back Panel: 3/8â³ plywood full cabinet height

Base Cabinet Braces: 1/2" plywood captured i-beams

Cabinet Sides: 1/2" plywood

Drawer Box: Hardwood 5/8" dovetail sides & 1/4" captured plywood bottom

Drawer Runner: Full-extension, steel w/buffer close system

Hinges: Standard - Steel, 6-way adjustable concealed hinges 107 degree opening inset

Shelves: 3/4â³ thick full-depth plywood standard

Door Styles: All styles full-overlay or inset

Cabinet Tops/Bottoms: 1/2" Plywood bottom (& top for wall cabinets)

Door Bumpers: Quietex soft urethane drawer & door

Integral Toekick: 1/2" Plywood captured between cabinet sides

Face Frame: 3/4" Solid hardwood glue & double-doweled

Medallion Siverline

Back Panel: Furniture board

Base Cabinet Braces: Furniture board

Cabinet Sides: Laminated furniture board

Drawer Box: 3/4" dovetail hardwood sides with 1/4" plywood caputured bottom

Drawer Runner: Fully concealed, undermount guides

Hinges: 2-way adjustable on half overlay doors

Shelves: 3/4" Laminated furniture board

Door Styles: N/A

Cabinet Tops/Bottoms: 1/2" Laminated furniture board

Door Bumpers: SmartClose only standard on Platinum

Integral Toekick: 1/2" furniture board

Face Frame: 3/4" thick solid wood

Based on what I read on this forum and other reviews, Medallion silverline offers decent quality cabinets but looking at the specs, Cliq Studios cabinets offers much more for smaller amount of money.

Can anyone who have Cliq Studios or Medallion Silverline cabinets share the experiences and thoughts?

I think I am going with Cliq Studios cabinets but would like to hear real voice of owners who have them.


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I do not have either Medallion Silverline or Cliq Studios, I say that as a caveat.
I recently went through a similar exercise for my cabinet selection process, my goal was frameless full overlay or frameless with slab doors and drawer fronts- I have a slightly modern aesthetic. I evaluated 5 companies; Medallion(can't recall which line), DesignCraft(frameless made by Medallion's parent company Elkay AKA Innermost, Dynasty, Brookhaven, and custom.
If I evaluated only the spec sheets, I would have gone with Dynasty and been unhappy. I learned that in addition to evaluating the specs, you need to evaluate the offerings. Dynasty could only offer my a top drawer with a 3.5 inch depth, this is the depth of the bottom of the drawer box to the bottom of the frame rail. This is different from the depth of the drawer box itself. If I put a tiered spice rack in that drawer my favorite brand of spices(Simply Organic) would not fit. The depth of all their drawers became a non-starter for me. They wasted alot of space that I couldn't afford to waste. I urge you to go further into the details before you make a choice.

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I am also leaning toward Cliq Studios, everything I have read seems post on here does not give good ratings but not sure it is a real posting. I am hoping that someone give some info on Cliq!!

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