Best Natural Gas Furnace?

Konrad___far_northMarch 24, 2014

Think I should change furnace,..35 years old!

Anything out there what will run this long or longer?
Was looking at a Lennox today at the home show, but not so sure with the heat exchanger, being aluminized steel? Was asking salesman how long it will last,..said about 15 years with yearly maintenance.
Looks like they want to rip me yearly! Haven't had outside maintenance done on my old one in 35 years, can change belt, filter or motor myself and lube bearings.

I'm thinking if something is better out there, like copper or stainless steel heat exchanger?

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A good gas furnace should last 20-25 years. You are not going see anything made today that will last 35 years without some major repairs.

The better furnaces have lifetime warranties on the heat exchanger. This covers only the parts and not the labor. Most heat exchangers fail due to the furnace being oversized compared to the duct work. Heat exchanger design has changed from the old days in an attempt to improve the heat transfer characteristics and improve the efficiency.

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Given the issues with modern furnaces (reliability, longevity, etc), you might want to wait until you HAVE to replace your trust old furnace.

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Thank you so much,...another LONG winter ahead and couldn't decide.

Are there any long lasting heat exchangers,..stainless steel or other non corroding materials?

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Which brand would you most trust??

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In my opinion bad installations are the cause of the majority of cracked heat exchangers. Furnaces which run too hot and short cycle will cause the heat exchanger to die a premature death.

The other problem is in order to win the high efficiency race, manufacturers are using materials which have high rates of heat transfer. It is great for efficiency but not necessarily good for longevity.

I would trust Carrier/Bryant, and Trane/American Standard. Buy a furnace that has a lifetime heat exchanger warranty. Find a contractor who will do a good installation.

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Thank you Mike!
These brands have more unsatisfied consumers,..see link.
Olsen has top rating.

Here is a link that might be useful: Consumer Reviews of AMANA furnaces

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Don't take ANY stock in those ratings. What they should be rating are the installers. Most problems arise from the installation, followed by neglect of the homeowner of a new system.
Furthermore, most people are more apt to post a commentary / review when they are dissatisfied.

As the other poster said - Carrier or Trane, or their sisters Bryant and American Standard.

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