Itch mites in IL

shequitAugust 21, 2007

Well, yes, I got them and they are awful. I am better now but a week ago I could not sleep the itch was so bad. I wrote to four PHD entomologists at U of I. They all replied and one of them just happened to be doing a study on what is going on. He had not yet caught any. However, I hear that today they have a sample. My concern is - I live in a heavily wooded area - I have decks - I have a pond - will I ever be able to enjoy them again. Enough whine (wine) - I will keep you posted if I get updates but it looks like they will be here till frost!!!!!!

Anyone else got bit?

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OK- I'll bite. (sorry!) What are itch mites?

Never heard of them, but they sound dreadful. How do you get them? Are they bedbugs? Chiggers?

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The itch mites fall out of oak trees. They normally feed on larvae of a fly which is found in the trees. You do not see them on your clothes and don't know you have been bitten until 10-16 hours later. They were documented in 2004 in states west of my location (IL) . I have been in contact with entomolgists at the University of Illinois. They tell me it is a new thing in our area but they will be here until the first frost. So much for me enjoying my woods and pond!

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