Jewelry and nail color, need advice

debrak2008August 5, 2014

I am not much of a jewelry (or accessory) wearer so a bit clueless here. My close friends are not much of polish wearers so no help there.

Usually the only jewelry I do wear is gold or silver. Now I bought colorful jewelry (first time ever) for a wedding and don't know what to do with my nails. When I do wear polish is it usually dark red or purple which looks good on my long nails and fingers

The link is the necklace I bought along with matching earrings, and bracelets. Bought extra earrings to attach to boot jewelry.

The dress is black, boots black, with faded jean jacket (I will not have this on all night).

Do I wear red nail polish for a pop of contacting color or blue to match the jewelry (too much blue?). Or keep it safe with a french manicure?

Advice is appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: jewelry

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Sounds like a great outfit, but a lot of blue, so I would do french on your nails, or a solid ivory, I've worn lots of different colours on my nails over the years but for some reason this summer I'm sticking to a solid off white and I love the look, polished and shiny but neutral.

Maybe because my hands are tanner in the summer, the white looks good.

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I agree with Mitch. I love colors on my toes but I keep my fingers very neutral. I have an off-whitish shade on now. But my fav on fingers is always a french manicure. You're going to have on a good bit of "bling", so I'd keep my nails low-key.

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Maybe a silver sparkle on your nails? The jewelry looks like it's silver. I've always worn jewelery and nail polish and have never considered them "matching". Go with what you like.

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Def would not try to match nail color with necklace. I like a neutral nude/pink color for fingernails, always. If you really want a color, perhaps red.

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I'd go neutral. My first pick would be french or nude, ivory, pale pink. For a color, I'd use red. If I had nicer hands I'd rock the red all the time instead of using it just for my piggers.

For some reason the photo won't load for me. I've had that happen a lot of their site lately.

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I forgot I had this photo. The little earrings I'm going to try to attach to the boot chain.

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Agree with those that suggest a French manicure. Love the necklace!

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Here is a colour combo with blue, black, silver and fuschia

Here is a link that might be useful: your colour combo.

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I agree with others--French or something neutral. You should look fantastic, and I hope you have more than one opportunity to wear such a pulled-together outfit.

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I think I have fuschia nail polish! I would not have thought of it. It may come down to timing. French I would have done where I can do a regular color at home, IF I have time.

One of my close friends is laughing because she has known me since we were 15 and she has never seen me be so concerned with what I'm wearing.

ha ha.... This black dress I have had in my closet for years. I never wore it because it didn't look good as it doesn't hide extra pounds very well. I don't even remember why I have it. Well, I tried it on. It fits and look great, Yea! I will make sure it gets lots of use : )

Thank you all so much!

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