Best Underlayment for engineered wood floating floor

defurryDecember 2, 2007

I am putting in a 1/2" engineered wood click-float floor over a wood subfloor, and need to select an underlayment for it. My primary concern is not pass-through sound to the floor below or thermal insulation quality, but rather having a floor that sounds like solid wood when walked on. I have read many posts on this and other forums of people speaking very highly of the FloorMuffler product for achieving a "solid wood floor sound," even though it is only 2mm thick. Is this product still better than a cork underlayment? 6mm cork is three times the cost of FloorMuffler, but I would spend it if it created a better result.

Also, does a 6mm cork underlayment sound any more "solid" than a 3mm cork? And what can you tell me about the IIC and STC ratings? I am of the belief that the IIC measures the product's ability to absorb reflective sound, thus making it sound more "solid." Does a higher IIC number indicate a better product? Any help that folks can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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I have not used cork, so I can't speak about that. I have used many other underlayments including FloorMuffler. In my personal experience Sound Solutions underlayment is the best for what you are asking about. One person can't hardly lift and carry a 6ft wide roll of this.

Three things you need to have to achieve a quiet and fairly solid feeling floating floor.

The substrate has to flat,flat,flat.
Use a premium underlayment.
Pick a quality floor with excellent milling and a stout joinery system, and the thicker it is the better imo.

I have installed this way before and it is very solid feeling underfoot. Most folks are surprised when they discover it's a floating floor.

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How do the price and R-value of Sound Solutions compare to FloorMuffler or any other reasonable underlayments?

We'll be installing over a hydronic radiant floor (REHAU Raupanel), and want to be able to get good performance with low water temperatures.

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