I'm dogsitting and there are ants!

sjerinJuly 25, 2007

The dogs stay in the garage/backyard when I'm not there, and their food is to be left in the garage because they only eat a little at a time. Ants have found it-- gross!! So, what can I use that won't attract or harm the (small) dogs? Are the little ant traps safe?

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Don't leave any of those ant traps where a dog can find them and chew on them.

Clean up the ants and use something strong, like a spray bottle of windex and spray the track that the ants followed. Or after you clean them up, use an ant spray.

Be sure to use paper towels and take the trash out away from the house when you are done.

We find that when we get an ant invasion, if we take care of it ASAP, it'll be a long time (years) before the next invasion.

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Thanks much, fairegold, I'll do just that!

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You can also put the dog dish in a shallow tray with a little water. Ants can't cross moats.

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