Hardwood floor baseboard help

all4lafterDecember 20, 2011

Hi - I have red oak floors select...I believe #2(currently natural finish). The floors are being refinished with a cherry stain. Our current baseboards and moldings around the doors/windows are hemlock with a natural finish. I understand if hemlock is stained, it may be "splotchy" as the softer wood will absorb the stain unevenly. I am wondering if others have used stained oak or stained hemlock baseboards with their oak floors and how they look? I am also wondering if oak baseboards will look "odd" against the natural hemlock trim on our doors, as the hemlock is very smooth/no grain compared to oak. New to this and have a difficult time visualizing, so any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you!

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I believe that there is some way to treat soft wood so that it will take stain evenly. Someone else may be able to help you with the product either in the paint store, or a painter. Mary

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Thanks for the tip! I'll ask about this before we move forward. Karen

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Rather than having contrasting wood tones at the wall/floor conjunction you might consider painting the wall trim. Just my two cents!


Here is a link that might be useful: Wood Floor and Wall Trim

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