fixing dent /chip in Pergo- best way to do this?

Shannon01December 29, 2008

So I stressed to the guy doing my crown molding that my Pergo floors were new and to not scratch them or anything. They assured me they would be fine, he works on it all of the time and had pads and such. When he left and I cleaned floor to replace furniture I discovered a rather large ding in the floor. Someone dropped a tool when installing the molding and it chipped the floor.

I plan to speak with him when he comes back to finish the job. I could have him remove half my flooring to replace the plank or have him repair it. I have heard about removing a plank and them replacing it with a new one that is glued in because that is only way to do it.

Anyone have any luck or suggestions. He installs flooring but do not know how skilled he is at this type of thing. I did not want to blow a gasket with him but I am really fuming about this. I put this floor in this Sept/Oct and had not even had anyone over yet.

Opinions appreciated!

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you can't "make" him replace half the floor because of one dent. but you sure could tell him that you are going to get a ceritfied flooring professional to come and replace the board and send him the bill. that way you know that it won't be a half arse job done by a trim guy.

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Ihate... my thoughts exactly. He may know how to install but not necessarily repair. I have read all the how-tos on removing and replaceing the board but even with all my DIY skills I would hire this job out. There really are some things better left to a professional. Good idea.

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