Smartstrand Sorona with Fleck recommendations

bm_sunshineNovember 27, 2012

We are looking for a Smartstrand Sorona carpet--preferably in a texture/plush style (don't really care for the frieze/shag look). We really want something with a fleck which will hide dirt, etc. but we want for the fleck to be more neutral tones. (Example--Mohawk's Masterful Touch in Crystalline).

Does anyone have recommendations about lines to try? It seems like the 3 stores I have went to already were not aware of Smartstrand Sorona lines that had fleck but I am sure they must exist. Also, is there any reason to worry about durability with Smartstrand or is it as good as Anso nylon?

Note: The carpet is going throughout the entire house including bedrooms and we do have 2 young boys (ages 1 and 3) and plan to be in the home for a long time. Would prefer to not see footprints, etc. if possible. Thanks for your help!

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When we were shopping, the only SS with any sort of fleck pattern were in the frieze line. The plush lines were all solid color. Do note that because the strands are so long in the plush line (especially the higher grades) that some people may easily get confused & think the flecked frieze line (esp the short strand lower grades) are the same carpet. Floortech may be able to shed more light on this for you, though, as I'm not a pro, just a very happy solid color SS plush carpet owner.

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Thanks for your help mydreamhome. Does anyone know the names of the Smartstrand Sorona frieze lines that most resemble a texture/plush look?

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I'd pick up the phone and call around to the different carpet dealers and see which ones have samples (larger than the little 6"x6" sample squares) of both for you to look at in multiple weights. then go take a gander for yourself. Most of the larger frieze samples I have seen for the SS have been in the fleck pattern vs solid.

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We looked at SS Silk fleck style Serene Selection for part of our house. It was a little looser than a plush, but not a frieze. While we ultimately chose the solid style Cozy Comfort, Serene was lovely. Dealer also showed us some similar SS flecks and solids that were not Silk, but were still quite soft and a bit more affordable. Since we were just doing one room, we opted for the Silk, but had we been doing more footage, we might have gone the other way. Appearance was very similar. For what it is worth, my experience is that flecks do hide footprints and dirt better.

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There are def some SS fleck carpets that are NOT friezes , here are a couple style examples:

--Masterful Touch
--South Padre Island
--Sevilla Island

Like mydreamhome said, going to a Mohawk retailer is a great way to see for yourself and there's a locator on the Mohawk website. The flecks will be strategic in hiding dirt, but SS is a carpet with ultimate durability to begin with. Did you ever see the Rhino challenge Mohawk put together??

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Would someone please comment on my post for BR Carpeting? Are there specific Mohawk showrooms? Is SmartStrand different from what I ask about in my post -- Everstrand, made from recycled plastic?

bm_sunshine -- The Mohawk "Twilight" style (Menard's name) has a sort of 'double color' -- green/pale green, etc. It's not 'tweed-y', but there are two shades.

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Hawkins ss line at Lowe's.

Have the sample board sitting here in my house.

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Here is a link that might be useful: Lowes SS Frieze Multi

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