I wonder if these guys visit gardenweb...

lilathabitJuly 27, 2006

I saw this kitchen design showroom and thought of you guys.

I know their formal name is Total Kitchen Outfitters, but the logo is just too coincidental.

Here is a link that might be useful: TKO

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I think I had read somewhere (in a magazine) that most kitchen designers lurk here and on HGTV.com (they have a kitchen forum there too).

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You'd be surprised who comes into these forums. Over at floorstransformed (another forum very much like John Bridge's), you don't need to register to post, so anyone can come in there, and use any name they wish. About a year ago, the webmaster let me know that I'd helped someone whose real name I'd be sure to recognise. You just never know WHO you're talking to!! :-)

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That's true. As far as celebrities and such, I'm sure that they are very active on the internet. Think about it - it's probably one of the only ways they can be a part of the mainstream with some privacy. And I'm sure that most of them are TKO'd, too.

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Oh, I don't know--it references "technical knockout", even before it became our little diagnosis :) I'd say innocent until proven guilty.

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Of course, many of you already know I am really Gwyneth Paltrow. ;)

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very funny, hampton !! if we only knew......

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Meg R... here!

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OMG Lila, did you actually go to the showroom, or just happen to find it online? I was driving in the neighborhood and saw the TKO sign, and actually thought that it might be related to the Garden Web (not). So I went in and looked around. Nice stuff, and the place wasn't "officially" open yet, so the owner had time to talk and show me around. I told him about the Kitchen Forum. Haven't been back though. It's right in my neighborhood.

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Hey mimi, that was my old neighborhood before I moved away to Rockland County, but I still go back all the time to visit family and friends. I wish I could move back.

I didn't actually go inside TKO. What did the owner say when you told him about these message boards?

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Sorry I haven't replied before this. I told the owner about the kitchen forum, and he immediately went to his computer and opened up the site, but then said it wasn't what he thought it would be. Who know, maybe he lurks or maybe not. But he had some gorgeous stuff on the floor.
Do you really miss the old neighborhood? I've lived here all my life and really like it. Took my daughter a few years after she moved to NJ not to keep running back to Bklyn at the drop of a hat. Hard to miss family and friends.

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