Removing Parquet Flooring

slk230redNovember 29, 2007

I will be removing 450 sq. ft. of Hartco Parquet wood flooring that was installed when my house was built in 1987. What is the best efficient way to remove the old flooring? I know it's labor intensive, but I'm open to suggestions before I start ripping it up.

Also, I plan to install 950 sq. ft. of Robbins Austin Plank engineered wood flooring. What is the best adhesive to use? Bostik's Best?


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What is underneath... plywood or concrete?

Not minding your business but that build date is borderline for possibly containing asbestos in the adhesive... I would get it tested just in case someone used some old stock adhesive.

Bostik's Best is a premium adhesive but you should find out what the manufacturer recommends. I don't install alot of gluedowns, but I prefer using Bostik's "BST" or Bruce Equalizer (same stuff, Bostik makes both).

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Thanks for the reply. It's concrete, but I doubt it would contain asbestos, but I'll check it out.
I'm buying the Robbins Austin Plank at Lowes since it's 3 blocks from my house and the price was very competitive. They carry Bostik's Best, but I'll also check to see what Robbins recommends.
About the removal of the Parquet....floor scrapper? Any prep needed before laying new flooring. The remaining sq. footage I'll be installing has carpeting so it's not so hard to remove.



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Concrete will make it easier but it's still going to be a real chore. The best method would be to rent a commercial floor scraper made for this purpose. All the old adhesive has to come off and you should not use any chemicals. The slab has to be clean and dry to accept the new adhesive.

After it's clean make sure the slab is flat enough. Your old parquet might be disguising some high or low spots that would need fixing prior to the new plank floor going down.

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If you're lucky it could be a foam back type parquet, quite popular during that period. Comes up quite easily and the adhesive isn't that difficult either if it's the green stuff used back then. There is a gizmo that you may be able to rent that should bring it up in no time at all..providing you can handle a buffing machine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Taylor Tools EZ Scrape

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No, it doesn't have the foam backing. I had the house built and watched some of the floor go down. Also, I relocated a door 3 years ago and when I removed a few squares of parquet they weren't too bad to remove, so I'll try a big floor scrapper first.



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Update, the old parquet flooring comes up easy, but the old adhesive is really stuck to the concrete. The concrete floor where the parquet was installed was etched before the parquet was put down.
I tried pouring hot water on the old adhesive and used a 4" razor floor scraper, but this is going to be very time consuming.
Any suggestions???



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Yes, it is very time consuming, and blistered hands factor, goes up every minute.

The hot water is useless with the old urethane. Especially the old solvent based urethanes.

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You need an 8" wide long handled razor blade scraper. The big boxes have then for about 30 dollars. It is time consuming.

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I find the wider 8" scrapers, have so much surface it ends up riding over the adhesive residue, instead of biting in and scraping it off.

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i'd like to remove my parquet flooring, it was laid on ceramic tiles. My question is, aft its removal, will my tiles have 2 different tone? As i do not plan to replace e parquet flooring. If there is, what can i do about it?

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