Our New Fur Friends!!! (Warning - Cuteness Alert)

jan_in_wisconsinAugust 4, 2014

Some of you may recall that we lost our beloved 20-year-old cat, Boo, back in January. It was a difficult time, especially for our 12-year-old son, who never knew life without her.

We knew we wanted to honor Boo's memory with the addition of another pet at some point. Though all of our pets have always been rescues, this time we decided to work with a Balinese (long-haired version of Siamese) breeder. This breed had all of the traits we loved so much about Boo. We opted for a pair of kitten littermates after researching how much they benefit from one another's company.

The waiting process began, and our chocolate point Balinese kittens joined our family on April 25th. Today they are six months old, and we couldn't be happier. They have brought us SO much joy already! They are absolutely delightfully fun!

Meet Mimi and Maurice!

Baby Mimi:

Baby Maurice:

Mimi at Six Months:

Maurice at Six Months:

Together is Better:

Sharing a Chair:

Maurice on his Throne:

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Oh, and one more . . . can you tell I'm a proud mama?

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Eeeekkkkk, so cute!

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Adorable! I love their coloring. I'm not familiar with the traits of different cat breeds and would love to know what particular traits makes this breed so attractive to you . . . other than the fact that they're so darn cute (LOL).

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Really cute!! That first photo of Baby Mimi is so sweet. I'm fascinated by the cat jungle gym they are climbing and is that a real indoor tree that is part of the set up? The jungle gym looks like someone handmade it. You've certainly made room in your home for them too.

LOVE your rooster chair too! :-)

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oh gosh! Sooo darn cute.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Love it! Congrats on the new babies!!! I don't think it's possible to look at kittens and not smile!

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Look at those adorable wee chocolate noses!!!! :)

Oooooooo .... just lovely souls!!! :)

All blessings on your kind heart to add such wonderful cats to your household!!! :)

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Cute kitties. The looked different as babies, but I can't tell them apart as adults.

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They are gorgeous!!!! Love kitties (can you tell from my username? LOL)!! I am so glad you got them, and so glad you got two together. Double the love and the fun for them and for your family! Enjoy them!

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Kitties are soooo cute! Chairs are pretty too :)

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Congratulations! As a new dog mom (my 4th) I know how wonderful the feeling is, especially if they get along as my new 'kid' does, and they play and nap together. These beauties obviously do! I can't decide which pic is my favorite, and they go beautifully with your decor.

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oh, wow! dream cats!

I love all the orientals. I wish cat breeders were easier to find.

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Lynn, the Balinese breed is very intelligent, talkative (but not annoyingly so), outgoing, affectionate, and playful. These cats typically bond very closely with their people and want to be a part of family life. Active and funny, they are quite entertaining and energetic. The Balinese have blue eyes, and their long coats are super soft and require no special brushing (no undercoat). Yet, they shed very little and are low allergenic. We have never seen such interactive, smart, and affectionate cats. They are just a joy. Mimi loves to play and play, and when she gets into predicaments, she has mastered the appearance of complete innocence with those eyes of hers. Maurice is a clown. He loves to proudly carry his favorite toys (i.e. yellow ducky) around from room to room. He is learning to fetch. He often sleeps on his back with his paws up in the air. Both are very affectionate and loving and bonded with one another. We love them SO much! Our son adores them also.

We purchased the cat tree from pettreehouses.com. The tree is real, however, the branches/leaves are artificial (I know, a decorating taboo!). But Mimi and Maurice love it, and they climb to the very top, which is their favorite spot. Our tree is approximately 7.5' tall, and it definitely is more durable and much nicer looking than some of the carpeted versions, especially for the living room area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pet Tree Houses

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Absolutely adorable!

Our 3 love trees too. The 5' one is in dh's office and the 4 footer in the keeping room. I'd be afraid my 3 would chew on those leaves.

Here is a link that might be useful: Furwood Forest cat trees

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They are adorable!! Love Maurice on his throne.

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They are real beauties, lucky you! I love cat names and anything Frenchy; how did you choose theirs?

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Jan - I am soooo happy for you and your son and soooo happy that you got two! I've been checking here regularly, hoping for a report from you. And finally, here it is, and with charming pictures!

There's nothing like a pair of kittens to vanquish the blues and bring joy to a home. They will find comfort in each other and regard you and your boy as their parents, and will, I am sure, be so loving.

Wishing you years of happiness with Mimi and Maurice -


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Thanks all!

We just love these two characters. They bring many smiles and tons of stress relief every day.

I love anything French too. I wanted names that started with "m" for some reason. These two names sounded so cute together. Mimi is tiny and Maurice is large, and I think their names suit their personalities too.

Their full names are actually Mimi Mirabella and Maurice Marcello. : )

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Such cute kitties! I know you and your son must be enjoying Mimi and Maurice and their antics! She indeed looks so tiny!

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They are just impossibly adorable!

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Thanks! They really are the cutest little things. They are so much fun.

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Omigod, they are too cute. I like your chairs, too!

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When I saw "fur friends" and "cuteness", in the side panel, I just had to come and see. They are just beyond adorable!!! Being the proud owner of 3 cats, it's always exciting seeing other peoples' pets too!

Boy do they ever look like they are busy and full of curiousity!!

I've never heard of a Balinese breed, and I'm very intrigued. We had an applehead Siamese once and she stuck to me like velcro. She'd start talking (actually sounded like a little cow) as soon as she got up, all the way down the hall until she saw me. Pretty funny.
Like others have mentioned, your rooster chair is pretty cool, too!

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The Balinese is the Siamese cat with long hair. They do tend to be a little vocally quieter than the Siamese as well. These are the traditional (applehead) version, and while they are curious and social, they are not obnoxious or super high strung.

My rooster chair is special to me, and Maurice has certainly claimed it as his own!

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You warned me but I had to open this thread. Loooove those babies.

I got my Birman (a rescue) and *Himalayan (purchase) when they were kittens. They are life long buddies.

*When I told my DH that I got a good deal on a kitten, he thought that meant a free cat with food. He was shocked that you would pay hundreds for a cat; she was worth every penny.

This is Buster Frank and Noel Elizabeth (all my pets have middle names).

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Mustangs, thanks for sharing a picture of your fur babies. They are beautiful, and I love to hear that they're very bonded. It's cute how they're so snuggled on their perch!

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What beautiful cats and kittens! There is a cat with those markings and hair length who visits here from time to time. I thought it was a Siamese at first, or a mix. It is a much sweeter cat than any Siamese I've ever been around. I hope your new babies are just as sweet.

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