vintage radiator needs replacement

ZophieMarch 25, 2014

I have a leak in a small vintage in-wall steam radiator, 18" wide, 5" deep, 2" tall. We discovered the leak while renovating the bathroom. The leak isn't' coming from the feed pipe, but is a crack in the radiator itself.
What can I replace it with? I've searched the web but haven't found anything. Any ideas?

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From the info you give, you could have mostly anything. Since you're renovating the bathroom you can thus DO mostly anything.

Is this an open loop system (do you need to vent steam)? You can replace like with like. You can get something fancy instead. You can use any old finned tubing. You can hit a demolition/recycling yard. You can hang a heated towel rack radiator. You can lay down steam sub-floor heat. You can lay down electric sub-floor heat.

Sounds like more of an opportunity than a problem! There's no real restriction.

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