Is ti just me or....?

lowsparkJuly 25, 2008

Ok, what up!!! Has the world suddenly gone mad? Or just the kitchen forum? Every other thread seems to be about the dangers of granite! I mean, at first there were just the usual two or three, but lately, there seems to be an endless supply!

The whole thing is so silly it amazes me. How about all those buildings which are built primarily using granite? There are loads of them. Everywhere. I think we should tear them all down... well maybe excepting the government buildings. LOL

I'd answer more of those threads but I'm weak from the radon radiating from my deadly dangerous countertops.

Here is a link that might be useful: 16 matches for the word *radon*

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The world has definitely gone slightly mad -- it's not just the kitchen forum where the granite issue is (forgive me) radiating through the threads. I've seen the topic on a number of other sites as well.

I second your questions (and urges) about the granite buildings. Funny how that hasn't come up, isn't it? Makes it seem that much more obvious that the plastics giants who have great lobbying power and reach are angling to discredit the natural stone market.

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What gets me is this is the only forum I've seen that I go into on a constant basis that's going nuts like this. There's another forum called that has a thread going, but Al only came in once as an unregistered guest, even though he's a registered member there, and the thread has pretty much gone stagnant. The ONLY places I've seen where the forum has gone crazy, are places where Al and his wife have been there stirring a turd. More here than anywhere else, though. I've been checking over at John Bridge's, and NOT A PEEP!! Not even from those coming in to ask questions! Same at Floorstransformed!

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's the floorpro thread

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Mae, I was thinking the exact same thing. Most of the folks wigging out have probably never tested their homes for radon or given it a second thought, now they're ready to rip out their stone countertops. This whole thing is ridiculous.

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this is definitely a new trend here, "let's panic over our countertops"and it's not stopping, it seems.............
I only peruse them once they are over 20 replies.
it's like watching a tennis match that never ends.
The topic is becoming pretty boring, lol..............

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Yvonne Albertyn_Brazil

I couldn't agree more!! It's just nuts!! Is this just a different kind of spam? I appreciate all your thoughtful comments - I couldn't bring myself to even open the last few threads.

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Believe me when I tell you-- NO ONE hates these threads more than I do. Every time I open one, I feel like I could barf. No lie. I also know I'm probably just as responsible as Al for these threads going on as long as they do and topping out before they head into oblivion. Here's the problem, though. This is Al's shtick. As one webmaster put it, he beats down his opposition with "verbal diarrhea", and then once his opposition gives up, he influences his audience.

I refuse to give up. As I've said several times in the last two days across the web, I'm damned if I'm going to give him ANY kind of credibility by my silence. This is too important, and the repercussions could be too far reaching.

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Oh, and lowspark-- we're up to 23 matches. :-)

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LOLOLOLOLOL. Bill, I know you're serious, and I'm with you...but I'm still laughing. Tears are rolling down my face and nose thinking about you barfing and all of the fools worrying about radon and their granite. It's just so incredibly stupid. I worry about toilet paper worms.... lolollo...crying here...can't believe that thread is still here...and my rum and soda doesn't even have a dent here.

sigh.......gotta' start a real new thread now. I do need some help. OK. ... thanks for saving us from radon.

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It seems the craziness has died down. After the initial hysteria, most folks seem to rally - there are some really funny threads out there!

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buehl we're up to 26 threads (including this one!)

I have to admit I pretty much ignore them. I'm not an expert so I don't feel I can respond since I don't know all the facts or scientific lingo! Also, I've been on vacation so only stopping in once in a while and I would rather respond to design & similar questions.

But then my mother asked me yesterday if I was worried about my granite being radioactive. I could only bury my head in my hands and groan!

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If anyone wants to rip out their granite for health reasons, I'd love to take it off your hands. I don't care if it is high in radon--we're getting ready to sell.

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Has anyone tested all the other counter materials for radon? Engineered stone? Solid Surface? Formica? Soapstone? etc.??

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Before you go ripping out your thousands of dollars worth of stone countertops, you might want to read the following thread from an inspector forum. Pay particular attention to the posts by a gentleman by the name of Caoimhín P. Connell. This whole shebang is what his career is all about:

Here is a link that might be useful: Stone Countertops and Radon

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