Waterlox and matching new/old floor

AnthonyNovember 29, 2011

As part of our kitchen/great room reno, I am about to finish the flooring. A wall came out and we continued the plugged red oak floor in the family room into the kitchen.

I wove the floor in and from a physical layout they look perfect. However, I now have half the room bare and half with really bad flaking poly finish.

We have 4 gallons of waterlox to finish with and the plan was to rent a random orbit floor sander and use my palm sander and corner sander to knock off the old poly and remove the mill marks from the new.

The only thing I am worried about now is having an obvious transition from old to new. There is a lot of color variation in both floors, which will help, but I'm worried one will be pale and the other amber or dark/light, etc.

Any advice on what to look for?

Will I be able to tell when I do a mineral spirits wipe down if the color will match?

Can an extra coat of waterlox on one or the other darken it, or does the color get pretty consistent after the third coat?

All help appreciated!



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Assuming the flooring is from the same general geographic area the color of the wood should match. New and old oak sand equally clean unlike firs, pine and maples where old boards gain a patina not matched by the new. If you sand the floors completely clean you will have no problem matching them together.

Sanding the floor with the rental equipment as you mentioned will take a l o n g time to get it clean enough. On the up side you will not screw it up with the large orbitals as you may with the traditional drum sander and edger. Your palm sander is not likely to be up to the task of removing the old finish. A scrapper sharpened often will help if first used to remove the bulk of finish left by the large machine.

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Luckily it isn't a huge area, about 225 sqft old finish and about 275 feet new.

I have to hand scrape the grooves, so I will be sure to keep my regular scraper handy for leftover finish.

Thanks for the advice!

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