Advice for DIY'er installing radiant pex between joists.

IbewyeMarch 22, 2014

Hi guys, I'm building my own home and decided to tackle installing the radiant floor heating system myself. I have a few questions now that I've had the chance to really work at it.
I'm getting the hang of working the pex thru joists and working with the twists of the decoiler but there are some points where it feels I'm forcing the pex into position and then holding in place with the support clips versus the pex kinda naturally laying in place, should the clips (talon type) allow the pex to move freely or nailed down tight enough so it doesn't move at all?
The design shows 2 runs per joist bay and I have I joists that are 16" O.C., I found it easiest to place pex right up tight where the floor and edge of I joist meet and then nail support clip right into I ioist edge, but by doing so I'm not truly 8" O.C. (More like 4" then 12") should I rework what I've done to get a true 8"?
Last one. Right now I'm drilling a 2" hole at one end of joists running loop all the way down and then coming back in that same hole to the manifold. Am I better off drilling 2 smaller holes 6-8" apart and keeping the pex separated or will I be okay as it is?
I'm using Zurn transfer plates in most of my home and have found them great to work with but again was placing at edges of joists (2 rows of plates per joist bay) instead of 8" oc. Would I be better of moving them over while I can?
Thanks for any help you can offer.

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I would move them over so they are at 8" OC. There is a reason they design it that way. I nailed the staples up tight. You should be able to run the tubing with 2 tubes per hole. Make sure you insulate! Good luck, that pex is PITA to work with. Though I love the heat.

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