Home Sweet Home Cooking (pics)

dcarch7March 11, 2012

I have been away traveling. Everyday, it was eating out breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food was very good eating out, but I am longing for some of my own lousy home cooking.

Lots inspiration from the Pork thread, so I made pork ravioli in chanterelle mushroom gravy, with Birkshire pork sausage meat from my dear friend's own organic farm. Thank you R. A. for your very special pork.

The amazing Birkshire pork flavor calls for wild rice on the side. Since wild rice is a grass, it makes sense to use Zongzi grass leaves to impart that earthy flavor to the rice. It works. Thank you Teresa again. Your wild rice has given me immense pleasure.

Also inspired by Ann's Sweet Tooth strawberries. I made mine using half cream and half cream cheese. Thank you Ann.


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Those berries look delicious! As does the wild rice with the fabulous presentation.

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Love what you did the the rice and berries Dcarch!!

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I do not do very well eating out, especially if it were all meals, I'd tire of it in just a couple of days. I tire of it faster when I'm paying the bill, LOL.

Sometimes there's just nothing like your own cooking!


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Your presentation is always OUT OF THIS WORLD! Thanks for inspiring some of us.



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I dearly love ravioli,
And yours look absolutely amazing!
Love the wild rice presentation, too.
I've never heard of Zongzi Grass,
Could you enlighten me?

Strawberries look good, too.
More work than I'd be apt to do, though.
I prefer just dipping them.
(And raspberries would be even better)
But they do give a much better 'impact'
Done this way,
Than just serving with a dip.

Again, thanks for sharing,
And for the inspiration.


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I don't even know what to say that looks so amazing!!!

I want to come to dinner, please????


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What a way to start the week looking at those fabulous dishes as I sit here eating an english muffin with peanut butter.
What are the seasonings sprinkled over the berries, looks like some black pepper and what else?


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The ravioli is what jumps out at me. Looks delicious! What kind of cutter did you use?

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I really like the ravioli too especially with the chanterelle sauce; can't decide if they make me think of stylized suns in a pool of sunshine or of shaggy lions manes. Either way they look yummy.

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You had me at the chanterelles! Love them. Neat way to cut the ravioli. I bet they tasted as good as they look! Great pics. NancyLouise

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Thank you, thank you, thank you -------- everyone!

I was just trying to add a little more fun to a few everyday dishes.

Let's start with the strawberries. As I said, inspired by Ann, but with a little modification on my part. I used half cream cheese and half whipped cream because I like cream with strawberries better. I did not use vanilla, I am not sure vanilla is compatible with strawberries. The sprinkle is dark chocolate. I think chocolate should not compete with the strawberries and should act as a "seasoning" instead.

The wild rice was steamed in Zongzi Grass leaves. Zongzi Grass leaves, not bamboo leaves as they are called by some, have been used to steam rice in the Far East for centuries. They impart a very nice flavor to rice.

The ravioli: Well made ravioli should have very thin skin; however, I like pasta, so how do you make ravioli with more pasta? If I make ravioli with wide fringes, that would make them look kind of clumsy.

So I came up with this idea as well home-made myself a cutter that would give me thin skinned ravioli and more pasta to go with the sauce. It also kind of makes the ravioli intriguing looking.


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