Why do I love fishing so much?

bill_vincentJuly 15, 2006

This from this morning:

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And why do I love fishing?

Other reasons:
the birds
spending time with hubby
getting out of the house!
fish tacos
dangling my toes in the water when I don't feel like fishing
going fast (without hitting wakes please)
the grin on DH's face when he catches a fish
the surprise on my face when I catch a fish
the way he gets my lure out of a tree without getting upset

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by the way, Bill, it's 2006 now. ;-)

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Very pretty. DH and I are heading up to Sebago for two days. This is such a great time of year in Maine. A huge doe was right outside our great room window an hour ago, and we saw a moose a few days ago.

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All the family are gathered on a wharf...
the kids are getting a bit impatient and upset

Why do you always catch the fish mum?

Suddenly .........I feel a small tug on my line, I hook it.

I say: "Sweety can you hold my line a minute?"

Next moment "MUM!!!!!! I think I have a fish!!!!!!!"

I say "What? you do? WOW!!! Reel it in then!!!"

The children all excited and dancing about...
...fish ...wriggling and fresh....
..... ... fish is unhooked and tossed back.

So the saga starts again.

: )

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Sue-- you'll be right down the road, about 20 minutes from me. :-)

Kathy-- I know-- I'm trying to figure out how I screwed that up!! Also, ya want birds?

pair of loons

Loon up close

Ducks wandering among the boats on the 4th of july last year (waiting for the fireworks)

This little duckling followed us around for about 2 hours during a tournament a year ago last month:

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Sebago was awesome. My DH's family rented a place on Brandy Pond and we went through the locks to Sebago and up under the bridge in Naples to Long Lake, where I found my dream house. I'm still trying to find the listing online. DH thought it was Bridgton, but I can't find the listing.

Brandy Pond was 84 degrees. I was shocked by how warm it was. The lake where DH grew up, in York County, never gets that warm. The ride to the locks was interesting, but HOT.

I'm going to try to get Friday off so we can head back up for another day or so.

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Same with where I was fishing sunday up in Litchfield at Cobbosee Stream. I've got a temp gauge on my trolling motor to give me water temp, and it said the same thing-- 84 degrees. For the first time I can remember, I couldn't WAIT for the tournament to end.

As for where you were, you were alot closer than 20 minutes-- I LIVE in Bridgton, right on 302. :-) Matter of fact, friday night I was on Long Lake!

Oh yeah-- one more thing-- that duckling pic was taken alot closer to where YOU live-- on Little Ossipee Lake in Waterboro. :-)

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Most likely, at some point this weekend, I'll be back on Long Lake. :-)

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That is so funny. DH's family rented a place right off 302, on the east side of Brandy. I wish I had the money to spend (don't we all?), I'd buy a place on the water there. The prices are much more reasonable than the lakes near Sanford. I guess Sebago is a long drive every weekend for people from Boston, but not for people in southern Maine! Oh well, I can dream. We are heading up Thursday night and staying with them until Saturday am, when they check out of the rental. Then we plan to do some driving around, checking things out.

I've never really spent much time up there because DH's mother has her place on Wilson Lake (the one in Acton). The larger lakes are much nicer. Less weedy, too.

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I don't love fishing, but I still remember a friend's Rockfish dinner prepared fresh from a fishing trip. It was the best fish I've ever had in my life :) So I guess I love the results LOL!!!

Beautiful photos everyone...

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Sue-- SO then you were right over by Moose Landing Marina? That's where I get all the work done to my boat. :-) As for it being nicer up here, here's another incentive-- you'd get another shot at decent neighboers!! LMAO

(Besides-- I've got this place wired-- I could get you the best in contractors for everything from the GC right on down-- I even know a pretty decent tile guy!)

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Here is why I love fishing!

Preliminary effort: no, I'm not baiting a hook with this thing, I am cleaning my first catch :)

Soon thereafter, success! Was actually approached by numerous men asking for tips on my technique (no one else had any luck)(technique commonly referred to as Beginner's Luck). I caught my limit while the men (for some reason, everyone else was male) were getting nary a bite. Wives were sneaking over to "You go, girl!" me. A proud moment, though I felt sorry for my dh, who returned from a halibut excursion empty handed to learn that while I'd been practicing my cast, I'd caught a limit of salmon.

Then, on two separate days, I was the only one to catch king salmon, much to the chagrin of the 2 men and my dh who were also trying. I had to put one back because it was over my limit. To his credit, my dh was very proud of me and likes to tell the story of my success.

Oh, the above fishing trips took place in Alaska.

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Those are some sweet fish!! (except for the GUPPY in the first pic!! LOL)

As for showing up your husband, been there done that. When my ex and I first started dating, it was just before opening day of trout season in Ct., and I never missed it, so she asked if she could come along (not quite our FIRST date, but close enough-- what else could you expect from me!!)

Anyway, it was a little rainy, so for about the first hour, she sat there huddled up under an umbrella. At that point, I caught about a 10" brook trout-- nothing to write home about, but atleast I didn't get skunked. She decided that looked like fun, so I set her up, and showed her how to cast. 30 seconds later, she had a 14" rainbow on shore.

I know how your husband felt!!

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