advice on W-M Boiler Problem

tmy23February 1, 2013

We have 2- Weil McLain HE2 boilers and a WM domestic hot water storage tank. The equipment has been fine, it's about 15 years old. Have replaced the tank once. The original installation was never quite right and 3 years ago finally found a good WM guy who repiped a secondary loop, installed a tekmar controller, etc. System has run fine.
In the last year I have had problems where the system shuts down, typically identified when one of the kids discovers no hot water. Simple power off-on of the master system power resets it all. it was happening very intermittently and admittedly I was too lazy to pursue. Recently its been happening more often and I has the installer in, he couldn't find anything wrong. Now it happens even more often. I've taken to finally cracking open the HE2 manual the installer attached to the unit all those years ago. The gas valve control indicator light on the HE2 blinks red, an error condition, and tripping the boiler resets fine. accordding the the manual it could require a new control module.

Heres the thing that makes me wonder. When this occurs I noticed that the second boiler is also in error on the gas valve indicator? Seems to me a little bit of a stretch that both would pop the same error?

So here's the question. (Sorry it's taken so long. :) Does the tecmar somehow communicate an error condition back to the boilers? Or are all the error conditions in the HE boiler generated within the boiler? If that is the case, I'd be more willing to believe that both boilers, being in service the same amount of time, might have both developed similar problems?

Tomorrow I am going to go down and vacuum the boilers out real well and see if simple maintenance helps...otherwise, sounds like I should be considering a control panel, for each?

I appreciate any and all comments. thanks!

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..finally found a good WM guy..."

Call him. It's probably not a good idea for you, an untrained person, to mess with it yourself. There could be a serious problem that causes one of the safety features to trigger a shutdown. How would you know?

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It seems unlikely that both boilers would independently encounter the same error condition at the same time. I would check something that is common to both that could cause the issue. Have the tech check for voltage or gas pressure issues before swapping out any components.

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