Hello kitchen 'fiends'... from a graduate! Good news.

msazadiJuly 3, 2006

Hi all ...those who remember me and those who are (still) in process. I am still so happy with my kitchen, and as good as that is, I have better news. No, not the lottery, or such...my eldest son is home, for good or as good as good gets if you are a govt employee. Here is the link to a thread over in Cooking.

and btw, Cooking is always happy to welcome shell-shocked graduates of Kitchens. You may have forgotten how to cook, and/or you may be amazed at what you can do now. Lurk if you like but feel free to jump in and share your meals - good and bad. There are some amazing bits of food porn too...gives you incentive to stick it out during the build or renovation.

Ciao to all....Maureen

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Congrats to you and DS Maureen, thank G-d he came home safely, and may it please G-d, for good!

What great news!

I'll be joining you at cooking one of these days, just gotta get my mojo back. Now that we've moved in and I'm enjoying my new kitchen, I seem to have much less time to browse on the forums.

Enjoy having that dear boy home, I know you will!

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Maureen, Happy Days! I'm so glad you get to celebrate this Independence Day with your family intact. That is truly Good News indeed.

I can attest to the food porn. It's truly titillating, and worth a look...you get recipes too!

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Yes! Thank God he is home and safe. My eyes are inexplicably overflowing- it's that Mother Mojo we all share.

Put your arms around him and give him a 'collective' hug from us all. Thank you for letting us know.

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Maureen, I can't imagine how hard it must have been, for everyone involved. You must feel an incredible sense of relief. I know I feel it for you!

I truly hope your son's BIL is able to recover quickly and everything returns to "normal" (whatever that is!) for your family soon!

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I'm giving ds time to readjust into his own family right now, and after his call from the airport, I said we'd see him later. It's not easy but it's the right move for a mil. His attention has to be focused on the family he helped create right now. Pecan, it's interesting to see how touched he has been by the virtual love he's received from GWers so he'll know that hug has a lot of arms behind it. ;-)

Now I have to just worry about all of them on our crazy roads!! ;-) Maureen

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Most wonderful news!

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Oh Maureen, I am SO happy to hear this. I have been wondering, knowing the time was coming.

Thank goodness he's back safe and sound. Hoorah!


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Maureen - that's wonderful!!! So happy to hear!!

Oh cooking...what is that? I'm far too busy serial remodeling, lol. The good news is that my husband will know when we're done because there will be a for sale sign in the yard likely, lol.

So glad to hear this great news.

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