why why WHY do I always wait until the last minute?

sighJuly 11, 2006

OK, not exactly the last minute but late enough. I've known from last year that we'd be going to Vintage Motorcycle Days...I could have booked a hotel months ago as soon as the dates were confirmed and just cancelled it if for any reason we wouldn't be able to make it. There were rooms available YESTERDAY but of course when I go to reserve a room TODAY there's not a one to be had. Ugh. It's my own fault.

We always used to camp but I think that our little guy is a bit too young for rally camping. It gets cold in the ohio valley at night, not to mention the incessant rumble of bikes coming & going. But hotels are a scarce commodity in that area & VMD always draws a huge crowd. And I KNOW this!

I'm a dope...


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One thing you might look into is maybe renting an RV? I'll be renting one when Kathleen and I head out west in 6 weeks, and the cost was actually pretty reasonable. For 6 days, including stocking it with plates, silverware, bedding, etc., including 300 miles, it's going to cost us about 1100.00 . For less time, it would be much less money. :-)

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Never too young to camp. We had our daughter's camping when they were 6 months old, in Oct in PA. Footie jammies, blankets, they sleep great!

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I think with a large air mattress and your baby in the middle of you two, it's doable and will create some wonderful memories. The real issue is getting the rest you need to enjoy the event andhave a safe drive home. About the RVs: Pop-ups are a wonderful thing and a small camper would be a blast.

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You know, I never thought about an RV. Since it's only 3 nights & we're out & about all day tents have always been fine. That's an interesting alternative. Hmmm...

The little guy is 2 and he'd LOVE camping. He sleeps through pneumatic nail guns being used in the next room so he'd probably sleep fine too, though I am leery of un-mufflered British bikes cruising through the campgrounds at all hours (I always slept with earplugs). My hotel reasons are purely selfish at this point...after three months of "camping" in our own home I crave a quiet, air conditioned room free of drywall dust & workmen for a few days.

But yes, the little guy would be delighted with the whole tent/sleeping bag/air mattress scenario (all of which we already have).

Pre-little guy we always used to make this trip on the bikes and the 500 mile ride each way paired with unloading the bikes & setting up the camping gear was all part of the fun but it was never, ever relaxing. I'd always joke that I needed a vacation in order to recover from one of our vacations. These past three months have been so stressful in addition to the renovation follies...I know that I kept putting off making the reservations because I really didn't want to go through the drive & the hassle, the heat, the expense, etc. Plus there have been some health issues that were threatening to put the kibosh on the whole trip.

Regardless, camping would certainly save money.

More to mull over...


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Nina, don't despair, keep calling the hotel, they may have cancellations at any time, did they put you on a wait list ?

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Yes, keep trying. I hope you have fun!

Bill, where "out west" are you heading? Are you going to Yosemite?


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"why why WHY do I always wait until the last minute?"


You have a two year-old. You are doing well to get your teeth brushed some days. Heck, forget brushed teeth--at that stage, my motto was "If it's 6:00 PM and the kids are still alive, I've done MY job." I think I even had a refrigerator magnet that said something along those lines...

It'll all work out, and you will have a good time.

Sending positive mothering thoughts your way. And learn to be easy with yourself. And adopt the motto. It will serve you well. Works again when they are teens--except you change it to "If it's 6:00 AM..." But let's not look too far ahead...


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You guys are too much :-). And I'm shocked at how much a 2 year old's attitude resembles that of a belligerent teen! The refusing to answer when spoken to, the ignoring of direct instructions, the odd eating habits...

No wait lists for any of the hotels but I did manage to find a room via Travelocity. The funny thing is that when I specified the town as "Mansfield" the hotel came up as available but changed to unavailable when I tried to book rooms. A call to the hotel itself confirmed that, no available rooms. But when I changed the town to "ashland" (about 20 miles away) the exact same hotel came up as available & allowed me to book rooms. So I did. Printed up my confirmation so I have proof. Now I'm even toying with the idea of flying out & renting a car. What with the cost of gas in my area it wouldn't be all that much more money!

But I'm liking the thought of camping more & more & maybe later in the season we can get away for a few days to just camp. bring the little guy & the dog & play wild slumber party in the tent. Both the little guy & the dog would love it. Thankfully we have a big tent!

Melanie, I'm beating myself up because I know better. I consciously left this until the last minute. It's a bad, bad habit of mine. I insist that I work better under pressure :-).

Yes, Bill, how far west are you heading? And since you're in Maine have you ever done the trip east to Nova Scotia? Now that's a spectacular holiday!


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I hear you. Hang in there! I'm glad you found a room.


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That last minute thing makes me think of DH- every year days before (but preferably Christmas eve) he is rushing about trying to buy my Christmas gift. I have bought all the other ones for the whole family by November.
He is always cranky and frustrated and I sweetly say "Well, it's not like they changed the date of Christmas, it's the same date every year and you've had a whole year." : )

I hope your travels go well, and the tent isn't too cold if you go that way. Just be prepared for rainy weather! Camping and rain is 'fun'!

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