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fairegoldJuly 25, 2007

I swear I am not a "moderator" nor am I trying to be a busy-body of any sort. I've just made three posts to people in the Kitchens forum attempting to help the new people, two to direct people to the Appliances forum, and one to redirect the poster to the Discussions side instead of the conversations side.

We seem to have a lot of new people lately, and I am only trying to help them find their way to the place that will give them the best information on their questions.

So please forgive if I seem a little too busy around here this morning, just trying to help folks out!

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I think it's great you are. As someone who feels entirely burned out/up, I've quit trying to be helpful much any more. You're always such a good role model!

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I think it's great too, but.....No good deed goes unpunished. I hope you don't get any snippy responses.

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No comments except from you two, I just felt that I was being a little obtrusive this AM, but my cause was good. LOL!

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Someone has to show 'em the ropes, and noone knows their way around here better than YOU!

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I appreciate your suggestions and your appliance and kitchen comments. I originally found the appliance forum by googling 'appliance ratings.' I only found the other forums when some helpful poster (it might even have been you) pointed them out. I just found out about Hot Topics this week.

So keep it up.

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I'm usually too lazy to give that kind of guidance so I agree, it's good that you're doing it.

The one answer I always want to post but never do is when people ask for pictures of a specific item such as:
"Show me pix of your silgranit sink"

I'd like to guide them to the FKB which has categories for exactly those kinds of specific items but the one time I did that the results weren't positive so now I just keep my mouth shut.

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You're fabulous Fairegold!
(By the way, I just also wanted to say that I respect and appreciate your input on my HBP post as well in case I sounded argumentative and defensive there...)

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At least you're polite!

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Me? I have been unbelievably rude or just plain snarky more than once. I'm just glad you have a short memory. LOL!

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