Hardwood flooring--is this normal....

threeapplesNovember 14, 2012

We had our 5" wide red oak floors installed several months ago. They have not been sanded or stained yet, but I've noticed in a very large amount of areas that when you step on the floor you can see part of the plank depress or sort of move down. This floor was glued and nailed so this movement up and down shouldn't happen, right? Is this the kind of thing that leads to squeaks and creaks? I'm new to hardwood floors so I have no idea what to expect. thanks.

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Wider planks you tend to notice this more than thinner planks. Your sub floor chances are is not perfectly level. No house is. Subfloors are rolley have humps, high spots low spots. Could be the planks that show the movement are over a low spot in the subfloor.

You say a lot of areas are doing this? Are we talking everyboard in a 10x10 area or just a few boards here and there?

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