Tiling on concrete

joanie70November 9, 2011

I am looking to tile my new bathroom in my basement. I have experience with tiling - just not on concrete. My top concerns.

- Still working on removing all the paint

- some of the concrete is new where the new plumbing was dug

- cracks in the floor

- divots - deepest is almost 1/2 deep at the lowest point and 2 inches wide (this is one of the places where I am having trouble scraping out paint)

- floor could use a bit of leveling

Looking for best steps to prepare the floor.

Thank you!

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Use a wire brush attachment on a drill to remove the paint. Do NOT use any type of solvent as that will penetrate the concrete and make adhesion of the thinset problematic. Spot fill any large divots with a thin coat of Self Leveling Compound and allow to dry. Then cover the whole floor with SLC floating it out very thin to the higher spots to allow the floor to level out. If your cracks are small ones from the slab curing, you don't need to worry about them. If they are wide, as from the slab settling or foundation issues, then you may want to install a crack isolation membrane before you tile.

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Rent a grinder with a diamond wheel for the most efficient removal of paint on concrete.

Wait for the concrete to completely cure.

Use a cleavage/isolation membrane for crack suppression.

File the low sports with a leveler and/or grind down the high spots with the diamond cup grinder mentioned above. It does not ahve to be perfect. You can fill as needed with thinset. Its called mudding them in.

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If the cracks are horizontal, there are membranes that will span that. If they are vertical, I see carpet in your future...

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