Anti-fatigue mats(gel mats)

mrsgymNovember 18, 2012

I'd like your input on this topic, please. Is one brand better than another? There's so many different ones out there, at all price points. Does thickness matter? How durable are they? Do I just sponge them down when they need to be cleaned?

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I work from home using a "Stand-up" desk, so I have also been on the hunt for an anti-fatigue mat. After some research I decided on a mat, especially after reading all the great things people are saying on Amazon about them. But I haven't tried one in person. I recently went into a Bed Bath and Beyond and tried out a Gel-Pro mat and I think an Imprint mat, and I thought the Gel-Pro didn't add much cushion, not much different than standing on carpet over standard carpet padding and the Imprint, like many others, presses down flat like memory foam does. I just ordered a brown Moire pattern 2 x 3 Wellness mat from Brookstone today (they had free shipping, compared to Amazon or that didn't). I will post back on here my opinion once I've received the mat and have had some time to try it out.

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How long do you stand?
That will influence your choice.

I stood up for a living 8-10 hours a day when I was working- we had the expensive ones, I don't know the brand but a 3x5 was too heavy to even believe.

I use good shoes when at home- I ruined one foot standing barefoot on a tiled floor while cooking Thanksgiving dinner in 1991, won't do it again.
That foot hasn't been right since- a lifetime of barefeet in Florida helped the breakdown, though.
Good shoes are good :)

Found the link below for you while trying to find what brand mats we had- hope it helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: 9 Essential Questions to Consider Before Buying any Anti-fatigue Mat

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I purchased a 3' x 2' brown anti-fatigue mat (brand: and I love it!! Costs about $126 and well worth it. On top of that it is very stylish looking, not industrial looking at all. I work from home and stand all day in front of my computer (standup desk) and am just about to put hard wood floors to replace the carpet, so needed something I can stand on, versus standing on wood all day. I found my perfect mat!!! The mat is 3/4" and is very cushy, but doesn't bottom out. I would recommend this mat to anyone!!!

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Gelmats can be a tripping hazard and are in a limited area. Buy really good shoes even if it means seeing a pedorthist. My last job I was on my feet 12 hours at a time and sometimes standing in one place.

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The thickness level of anti-fatigue mats vary, also the texture and support capacity. That is why durability depends. Aside from gel, these are also made from different materials : vinyl, rubber, foam etc. Among these, the rubber is the most durable.

Here is a link that might be useful: rubber matting

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thickness matters alot in my openion...

you have to check it thouroghly

Here is a link that might be useful: gel pro coupon

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