aluminum oxide finish on engineered hardwood floors

ksd51November 4, 2012

I am planning on putting in engineered hardwood floors through out my house. The floors that I have seen all have the aluminum oxide finish which I understand is very durable. In looking at the samples,this finish seems to have a waxy or plastic look to it unless you are standing directly on top of the floor. In other wood the shine and it is a loss gloss, looks sort of waxy. Don't know what to think. Is this the way engineered floors are finished? Perhaps it is because I have been looking at the "handscraped" floor. Not a huge fan ,but seems to be pretty popular. Perhaps the finish on the smooth floors look different.? Appreciate everyone's thoughts.

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It is definitely not a separate process between engineered and solids in reference to the finish. Look at some step up grades in engineered. It should not look like plastic. I believe the very popular satin finishes of today may be affecting you as opposed to the higher gloss stuff of yesteryear. There are many beautiful varieties of engineered floors.

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Floortech, I appreciate your response. Could you please elaborate more? I have looked at quite a few brands of engineered floors. I do believe they have the satin finish, so are you saying that what I see is typical.Perhaps this is the way a satin finish looks like, unless I have not looked at a higher grade engineered floor. Could you please suggest brands of upgraded engineered floors? Your help is appreciated. I hope to make a decision this week.

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We sell about 25 brands of hardwood. I personally no longer it's a tougher question for me. Many of our products are sold only in mid Atlantic region. I will hopefully post tomorrow with some recommendations. I want to give you an accurate post.

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Floortech, sorry to threadjack, but I'd be interested in hearing you opinions on the Gemwoods Pacific Treasures series of engineered flooring. Thanks!

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Floortech was correct. There isn't any difference in finish between engineered wood and solid. And the Aluminium Oxide finish is all almost on all urethane finished floorings nowadays. Overall, the handscraped floorings with distressed appearance tend to be more satin than smooth finished one. You may try the uv oiled engineered floorings which finish goes into the wood grains instead of staying on top. Very natural, real and flat. The link below is a good example.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oiled Antique Ivory Engineered Floating Wood Flooring

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