Carrier Infinity zoning retrofit possible?

trader889February 24, 2012

Can the Carrier Infinity zoning system be retrofitted to an existing 1 zone system? Just started researching this for my 2 floor, colonial.. Basement is unfinished, but will the system involve breaking sheetrock walls on 1st and 2nd floor? Also, looking into Arzel and Honeywell zoning system, which can be retrofitted. BTW, I will plan on changing the furnace and A/C as well.

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I am not sure I understand the question. The Infinity controller comes in two flavors, one which supports zoning, and one that does not. I suppose you can use the zoning model with only one zone and add additional zones in the future.

Study the duct work in the basement. You may get lucky and have branches which service second floor only. If you can isolate these branches then you may be able to install zoning dampers. It may take a few dampers to isolate the first and second floors. You may also need to add an additional return to the floor which currently does not have one. Locate the current return and determine if you can tap into it.

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I actually have located the branches in the basement that service the 2nd floor only. Also, the 1st and 2nd floors have return returns as well.

Since I was having 2nd floor heating/cooling issues, based upon the suggestions in this forum, I decided to look into zoning. I am already in the market for a new furnace/AC and since I heard a lot of good things about the Infinity zoning system, I wanted to know if this system can be adapted to a home that only has 1 zone. I know the Arzel and Honeywell can with their dampers. I just wasn't sure how the Carrier zoning system works since I couldn't really find a lot of info on it.

What it comes down to is, is it better and feasible to just get the Infinity series with zoning or go for something like the Performance series and just use a 3rd party zoning like Arzel or Honeywell.

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I would suggest going with an all Carrier system, preferably with the Infinity series HP, however the Performance series will work well, are matched to the Infinity controller and come in 1/2-ton sizes, the Infinity HP does not come in 1/2-ton sizes.

Contract an experienced and reputable authorized Carrier dealer - with references!


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I have been looking into this as well, as I have heating issues on the first floor of my two-story home. I currently have a Carrier Infinity furnace without zoning.

It does seem like you can retrofit if you have branches for each zone that you can access to install a damper. Besides that, the Infinity system generally seems to need all Infinity components - the zoning thermostat control, furnace/AC, and a zoning control board, as all of these have a special communicating 4-wire system. Moreso the Infinity dampers also are a bit special so you can't really use other damper brands.

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Here is a copy of the Infinity Zoning Guide. It references furnaces which are being phased out, but is still has a lot of good information.

The Infinity zoning system can be very elaborate. I have read very positive reviews from professionals. It is worth investigating.

I have Honeywell dampers on the shared return for my Infinity furnaces. I don't think you are forced to use Infinity dampers, but you might if you want to control several dampers and zones.

Here is a link that might be useful: Infinity Zoning Guide

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Thanks for that article. Very helpful.

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