Difference between Trane XL15i models

b8casterFebruary 2, 2013

Been reading these forums for awhile now and have learned a ton! But now I have a question that I haven't seen asked before.

I have two different bids for a Trane AC unit for my house. Both recommend an XL15i AC, but one is a 4TTX5048A10004 and the other a 4TTX5048A1000B. What's the difference?

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The "B" in the one model number would just designate a "minor design revision" -- nothing for the consumer to worry about really. Newer stock will have the "B" character in the number, while older stock may still be "A" (which is likely what the "4" should be in your first number, following Trane's nomenclature). Doubtful that the contractor was purposely trying to be that specific on the estimate -- chances are they may both pick up their units from the same warehouse, so what they have in stock is what they have in stock. Hope this answers your question.

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