BR111 delivery issues- beware

anandkumarmNovember 14, 2011


This is my first post here and I would like to thank all the contributors here for providing excellent information. I did not think that my first post will be a complaint on BR111 customer service. I have placed an order for PFBC3 - Brazilian Cherry �" x 3" through my local dealer with them on Sep 12th by paying 1/3rd of the total amount under the promise that it will be delivered in 6 weeks. Now its been more than 9 weeks and I still didn't receive the shipment from them. When I contacted them exactly after 6 weeks I was told that there's been a delay and I have to wait for 4 more weeks. Yesterday out of curiosity I mailed them and now they are saying that I have to wait unitl Dec 15th. Did any of the other members face similar issues. Can I trust the mid December date and wait for them or do you guys think I should cancel the order and go with my local dealers company. I welcome your suggestions.



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I have had some major back order issues. They never have in stock it seems when we order from them!

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I bought 400 sq of flooring from BR-111 about exactly one year ago. I bought directly from BR-111 and had wonderful service. I discovered I ordered the wrong product and called them the next morning hoping to change it. The order was ready to ship, but they were able to catch it before it went on the truck. My corrected order was shipped the following day.

I ordered my second batch from a local flooring guy, and didn't have any problems with that order either.

My flooring was discontinued this year, so I was looking for another source. I found the exact same flooring on the Armstrong website, so it looks like they get it from the same place.

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I don't know if this will help at all but we ran into similar issues. We installed some BR-111 Brazilian Teak a number of years ago but when we remodeled we needed more to transition into a now adjacent room. I talked with Hurst Hardwoods and after going round and round trying to get the BR-111 they told me that I should probably look at Indusparquet if I was trying to match it from a number of years ago.

Indusparquet was BR-111's supplier and for whatever reason they split. BR-111 was having a huge problem getting a new supplier.

We ended up ordering the Indusparquet and it was a perfect match. The quality is great. Hurst has been wonderful to deal with through 3 different orders. We seem to keep extending the flooring.

I hope it all works out. Maybe they would send you a sample of the Indusparquet.

Since you aren't trying to match existing flooring, I think you could use just about any brand. I think it all comes through the same spot. I will say be careful that you know exactly what you are getting. A dealer tried to pass off some stained Cumaru as BR-111. It was hideous.

Good luck!

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