Solid or Engineered Hardwood...Made in USA...???

pieng4November 20, 2011


I'm inundated with decisions because we are building a house. One of the biggest decisions for me is the flooring. We are very interested in solid or engineered hardwood floors. We have found one we like, it is Somerset Country Collection Merlot Maple. We have found out the source and manufacturing of this product is Chinese. We would like to support USA made items as much as possible. Does anyone know of a product similar? Are there other USA made hardwood floors? Any items to sway the decision between solid versus engineered?

I would appreciate any suggestions - I'm waiting to make other decisions based on this choice.

We are looking for a fairly high rated Janka, pre-finished, 1st floor install, above grade, hardwood throughout the house except bathrooms.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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We're currently installing 5" (unfinished) clear white oak, rift and quarter cut. Manufacturer is a company called 'Sheoga' out of the US, and the company claims that they don't sell their wood to furniture manufacturers, so some of the flooring is furniture-grade material. My installer got a really good deal on them so, installed with 3 coats of Glitsa, I think it's $10-11/sf (CDN).

Objectively, I have to say it's really beautiful wood. It's heartening when all the different trades that have come in during the install have marvelled at and been in awe of the flooring quality. My architect even made a special trip when I told him about it, and he wasn't disappointed. :)

I've linked to the company website for your ease (they have the requisite Amish-looking folk pictured on the homepage to give an old-world quality about the product). Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sheoga Flooring

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Somerset now makes both their engineered and solid products in the US with the possible exception of the hand scrapped ones. That I'm not clear on.

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