Shopping for new washer and dryer is making me nuts !!

kitchencrazychrisJuly 4, 2007

Heck !! I thought that once I got through the kitchen remodel that nothing else would cause the major headaches of indecision and WHAT TO DO !!!!!!!!!!!! And I know . .

I'll be told to check out the Laundry forum, which I have, but, well, I dunno . . . LOTS of serious facts to sift through there . . . kind of like way too much detail !!

DH actually went out and did preliminary footwork . .

came up with LG . . . sounded great to me until I read on some forum that service was a big problem. Okay, do I believe that ?? Then I looked at Bosch, figured I'd made my decision, then . . . great reviews, then bad reviews . . . At that point last night, I just quit . . . my head was like on total overload. So, anyone out there with recommendations ??

At this point, I guess the ones in the running are LG,

Bosche, and Miele. Or are front-loaders a pain ?? It sounds like a washing cycle is REALLY long . . . like over an hour !!!!!!!!!!! Yikes !! Do I want to go back to considering top-loaders ?? Mold problems with FL's?

or any of these other problems that are talked about ???

I'm wondering how this all got so crazy ?? all the top-end decision making stuff !! Last washer and dryer, oh so many years ago . . . just went to Sears .. got a trusty Kenmore . . with the major decision being white or almond !! It's served me well for YEARS !! Somehow the idea of spending anywhere from $2200 to over $ 3000 seems just this side of crazy for a washer and dryer, for heavens's sakes !!! Well, anyway . . anything any of you have to share on any of this would be so appreciated !!!!!!

Thanks !! oh, and a Happy 4th to all !!!


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I agree - it's insane! I did some research, and in mid-angst, decided....IT'S ONLY LAUNDRY! (don't ever, ever say that on the Laundry forum ;)

I bought a Kenmore Elite top loader, either the top of the line or the one just below it, and the dryer that (I guess) goes with it. I was very happy with them. Large capacity, quiet, reasonably priced, and hey - they clean and dry my clothes just fine! A few years later when I moved, I bought the exact same set. I think they were about $1,000 or so total.

I did a quick check, and it appears that the models I bought have been replaced by the Kenmore Elite Oasis. Reviews on are better for the 27032 than the 27042. The only thing I don't like is the electronic controls. I much prefer knobs that turn - which is what mine has. I have this fear that the circuit board will go bad and they cost a lot to replace!

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OK, I found my model numbers, and they are not made anymore, definitely replaced by the Oasis. My washer is # 26922 and my dryer is # 66972.

Another one to consider is Speed Queen. The top loaders are supposed to be good, not so much for the front loaders.

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Hey Chris, I feel your pain. We started with the laundry before we did our kitchen, so I had all of ''that'' to break me in. I bought Mieles, which I haven't had a speck of trouble with. I'd spent so much time researching, I didn't want to be bothered with picking out another machine for the next 30 years, which is why I bought the little German tanks. IMO, they were worth every penny. FWIW, a basic wash load lasts 45 minutes, as does the dryer; that's nice because they're both done at the same time. Of course I can set it to run longer if I'm pre-soaking or needing something ''extra'', but most of the laundry is done on a basic setting. Good luck; I know it's a big deal...especially over at the laundry forum! I'm linking to a picture of my system. I needed a small W/D to fit into the bedroom hallway, which is part of the reason I went this route.

Here is a link that might be useful: Luna Laundry System

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Our clothes dryer "died" just as we were starting our kitchen remodel (9 or 10 months ago). We needed a replacement fast, so I went to the appliance store and just went with whatever the salesperson suggested. We ended up with a Maytag and just love it. It dries clothes in about half the time of our old dryer. I'm amazed by how fast we can get our laundry done now!

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I was in your shoes last year. I did a ton of research and followed the laundry forum before coming to the decision that there's no perfect front-loader. I eventually decided on the new, larger Mieles, but fate intervened. Our old washer died and the Miele wasn't released yet, so we rented a Whirlpool Duet in the interim.

It turned out that DW loves the Duets. When the Miele came out we went to check it out, but DW couldn't see paying 2x more for the Miele. So we ended up buying a new set of Duets. So far they've been wonderful. A load of laundry runs about 45 mins typically, but can be longer if you want to use a sanitary cycle on stuff like sheets.

Anyway, my ultimate conclusion was that there's Miele and then there's everything else. Among the "everything else", they all had some kind of complaint or another. But in general the pack of "everything else" is actually quite good. So other than the Miele I would've been happy with the Bosch, Duet, FriGeMore, etc. Whirlpool just happened to be the only front-loader the rental place had, so that's what DW got to live with for a few weeks. Funny how things work out.

BTW, those laundry forum people are nuts. Take what you hear over there with a huge grain of salt and don't get caught up in the frenzy of which machine cleans better or has the most ideal profile wash.

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Oh, I also just thought of something else that was kind of funny. I made this comment over on the laundry forum and was soundly ridiculed for it. If Miele is going to charge 2x - 3x more for their products, IMHO they should have a knockout design. We're used to that in the kitchen - you pay tons of money for a Wolf or Lacanche, and they have the good looks to match.

Miele on the other hand, IMHO, is a very plain, conservative design. If it had an awesome design in killer colors, then DW would've been happy to pay an extra $2000 for the set. But she saw these plain white machines that I said were so wonderful, and her reaction was bleh. It's strange to me, since other Miele products, particularly the kitchen products, are highly designed. But the laundry stuff still looks like vintage 70's design to me.

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Ya, the laundry forum is really interesting - I'm amazed that so many people can be TLO. The laundry forum is how I first found this place though. I needed to replace my 25 year old Maytags. I ended up getting the Kenmore version of the Duet in spite of the horror stories about mold and other serious product problems. I've been very happy so far - I think I've had them about five years. I did have to get the dryer replaced immediately after I got it - complete electronic malfunction within about a week of installation.

Based on my experience with my Miele dishwasher, I don't think I'd pop for another Miele product. It hasn't been trouble free and that's what I was willing to pay a premium price for. Now I'm researching replacement laundry units for my lake cabin. I'd like another frontloader and I'd get another Duet/Kenmore except they're too deep for my space - kind of like the new refrigerators are too tall for my space. Bigger is not better in my opinion.....Anyway, I'm considering Frigidaire simply because it's the closest to the right size. That brand doesn't get the greatest reviews but from what I can tell most appliances are of marginal quality these days. After my Miele experience I'm more of the mind to get a cheaper one so I'm not as annoyed when I start having problems with it.

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Do get a FL, but only one with a good on-board heater if you can possibly swing it. Since FL use so much less water, you need a good heater to keep things warm enough for good cleaning.

I've been using Fl's since the early 90's (Asko and Miele machines) and all my original ones are still working, just fine, despite unusually heavy use.

BTW, the dishwasher-sized ones will do loads as big as large capacity TL; don't let their size fool you.

I don't care what mine look like, I only care that they spend most days swishin' happily away with no complaints. Mine probably look "old-style" but then they are getting to be "old machines".

People complain "that they don't make them like they used to", and that's true but these days we're so price point oriented most manufacturers' have cut corners to meet what they perceive customers demand. Those old washing machines we're so nostalgic for didn't cost 300-700 bucks in todays dollars, either. It puts the higher costs of the European machines in perspective since they are expected to last just like machines did 25 years ago.

Don't let worries about the few reported mildew problems, nor tales of long cycles (they all have shorter cycles as well) or possible need to change detergent (not everybody needs to) deter you from looking beyond to better energy conservation, but most important to me for a laundry appliance, much better cleaning - which is the whole point, IMO.

Ok, I'll admit it, I am (over?) obssessed with laundry.


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Hey Everyone . . .

It's late and I'll post more tomorrow . . . but just wanted to say thanks so much for all your posts and input!! Appreciated lots, to be sure !!!!


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We went with the Frigidaire front loader--I'm happy with mine and haven't had any problems. I don't have mold problems but I leave my door slightly open when I'm done with the laundry. My water bill has consistently been the bare minimum since getting the front loader. The only complaint I have is that clothes tend to bunch up and when you pull them out they want to fall on the floor. I don't really have the space to keep a laundry basket close by to catch them but that is one solution. I also don't have the space to put them up on a pedestal so I have to bend down really far to empty and load the washer. I have mine stacked because of space issues so the dryer isn't a problem. I'll never go back to a top loader just because of the amount of stuff I can shove into the front loader--most notably a king size silk quilt. It isn't that the Frigidaire model is a really huge capacity--it just has so much more space without an agitator and it doesn't tear up my quilts.


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dktrahan - what models do you have and how long have you had them?

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I think I've had them btwn 2-3 years now--I'd have to look at my receipt. I can check when I get home but I think I have the cheapest one listed on the Frigidaire website because I only have 2 spin options.


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I checked and I purchased my machines in 2004. I checked the Frigidaire website and it doesn't look like they sell my model anymore. It was the Frigidaire Gallery GLTF1670ASO. It has 16 cycles and I think a 3.1 cu ft capacity.


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Thanks De - I've been looking at the Affinity - newer model I think. I don't have an urgent need yet so I'm waiting to see what people think about these after they've had them for awhile.

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Thanks, everyone, for commiserating with me, AND for your help !! This is just a crazy process, and I really don't want to be in this "crazy land" of indecision again !!!!
Been there, done that WAY more than I needed to do with the remodel . . . but oh well . . . I think, I think, that I've kind of narrowed it down . . . a lot !! after checking EVERYTHING !! and I so appreciate all that all of you had to contribute !!!

Weed . . . I hadn't checked into the Kenmore yet, since I was kind of hovering around the Bosch and LG . . .
but checked out the Kenmore Elite, and it was kind of nuts !! With the service contract of somewhere around 7 hundred bucks (!!) . . . the total package for Kenmore would have been more than Miele !! a bit shy of four thou !! Man !! Didn't even look into a Speed Queen . .since we've decided for sure to go with the TL.
I've learned WAY more about w/d in the past few days than I ever really cared to, and this is without even wading my way through the Laundry Forum !!!!

Busymom, it was probably perfect timing that your dryer died during remodel time !! Way too much other stuff to think about, so let someone else make the decision !! Perfect !!! I'm thinking that lately I've heard that the Maytag WASHERS aren't what they used to be . . . In days past, there was no question . . . a Maytag !! Interesting that the washers have slipped, but not the dryers, since usually things are bought in pairs . . .

Claire . . . thanks so much for the info. re: Miele, and also for including the pics . . . What a wonderful laundry set-up !! A great space !!! What model # do you have?
And Chief Neil, thanks for your input, also, re: Miele's . . . Do you remember the model # you were leaning towards ??? I'm kind of leaning towards the Miele, at this point . . . after misc. researching . . .
Basically what I want, is a basic machine, that cleans really good, AND is problem-free !! (Well, yeah, I guess that's what everyone would want !!) In going through the brochure, and reading that the Miele can last at least 20 plus years, it kind of hit me that this could be the last w/d that we buy !! (A sobering thought, to be sure !! )
Well, maybe not the last, but darn close !!!
I talked to someone at Miele yesterday for about half an hour . . . very helpful . . DH wanted to make sure they actually had people to service the Miele here, and there are several . . . plus found out that if the Miele is installed by their factory trained installers that Miele adds an extra year of warranty onto the existing one year, and we'd have a year to decide if we wanted to go with the further extended warranty of another four years. The Miele is turning out to be about 900 bucks more than the Bosch, which is also an option. Chief Neil, interesting you mentioning the design of the Miele . . . that part doesn't bother me at all . . . in fact, I look at it, that it's not the trendy colors of today, . . the cherry red, or bright blue, so ten years from now . . . well, it'll be just this nice white w/d !! Glad the Duet worked out for you after all . . . we'd looked at that also, but as far as I could tell, the dryer didn't have a stainless steel drum, and for some reason, I guess I feel I need that !!

Gibby, kind of scary to read about your bad Miele experience, and will make me look extra hard at our final decision . . . wonder if you just had a "lemon" . . .
In talking to the Miele person yesterday, he said they'd always be there for us . . . and make things right if things weren't quite right . . . I guess there's no perfect scenario, so have to get the closet thing . . .
(the closest thing costing more than my first car ????!!!
Crazy !!)

Molly, you must have the "European" size Miele, since you've had it for awhile ?? At Expo, the guy there was telling me it was a better machine, until he realized that the new ones also have the honeycomb interior . . .
The older models are actually more expensive than the "super capacity", so I was wondering if they are better, more proven, etc. etc. . . . and if I even need the super capacity . . . Our son is home for one more year before hitting the college trail, so laundry in another year won't be nearly what it is now . . . Just another thing to ponder !!! Yeah, the price thing is making more sense now that I've digested it all . . . I kept saying, "man, we paid 700 bucks for the pair of our old Kenmore" . . . AND that was also about 13 years ago, so it's all relative !! Shouldn't expect the price of w/d to be frozen from the early 90's !!! Still, it's a shudder thing . . . !!!! Too bad we didn't buy a w/d during the remodel . . . Then, I was in that remodel mindset of "what's a few thousand more dollars ?"

De, interesting you mentioning not having the pedestals. I've been wondering about that . . . At first, there was no question about having them, then looking at the space, and all the new cupboards DS put up in my laundry area, which would have to be moved to allow for the heighth of the w/d with pedestal. I figure I bend down for my dryer now . . . but guess I need to project the "aging factor" into it all, (and I'm not talking about the aging factor of the machines !!!! ) Y'know . . . Frigidaire is the one model we haven't looked at . . . wonder why ??
I'm thinking that no place carried them around here . .
otherwise, we would most certainly have a brochure !!!

Well, guess I've gone on long enough here . . .
if anyone is still reading this !!!!!! (and I'm not even on the Laundry side !!! )

Thanks, again, everyone, for your input !! I really do appreciate the time you've taken to help out !!!! This is the absolutely best place to come !!!! Will keep you posted . . .


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Chris, I forget the exact model number, but it's the new Miele that just came out this year. Any Miele dealer will know what you're talking about. It's also their largest consumer model. Unfortunately I don't think it's built to the same quality as their smaller models, but we really needed a large-capacity model in order to wash comforters.

You're right that the Duet dryer doesn't have a stainless drum. Back when I was researching that would have really bothered me, but I've taken a chill pill on the whole thing. My clothes come out clean, the washer and dryer are quiet and reliable, and the lady of the house is happy, so I'm happy.

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Chris - good luck with your decision. My Miele dishwasher isn't a lemon - it just seems to be engineered for hard water and very difficult to get it to function with a whole house softener without etching the glassware. And I might add - beware the Miele factory trained installer - mine was marginally competent and I had to have someone else follow up with some "rework". I got twice the warranty but very disappointing service in dealing with the etching problem. Possibly my expectations of Miele were just too high. You may very well have a much better experience if you choose Miele washer/dryer.

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I'm going through the same dilemma as Chris. Chris, I think it was you who got a good thread going about dd's a couple of years ago. Thanks to that thread, we ended up with them and I've been very happy...for 2 years so far (I'll keep smiling until I have problems.) I hope that I can have as good luck following your quest for a washer.

Chiefneil--my big issue is that the w&d will be on the second floor. The Duets look very promising--do they vibrate much?

We've had a Frigidaire front loader for 8-10 years. I've been very happy with it. The one we got is very basic but all I really need is normal wash on cold (mostly) and warm. I would have stuck with it but we're redoing our laundry room (or a better term is finally "doing" our laundry room.) I've noticed "black" on some of the clothes recently so I think we may need a service call--first one. I would guess a belt needs to be changed. BUT since we're finally doing up our laundry room, and since the newer machines are taller (I had been planning to slip my machines under a 36" counter), AND since my machine makes my New England house feel as though it's in an earthquake zone, I decided we should think about replacing.

My only word of caution is to make sure the machine you get will do what you want it to--in spite of all the fancy cycles. My sister can only use preprogrammed cycles on the machines (Kenmore) she got a couple of years ago and she hates not having more control over the settings--i.e. just setting temp and length of wash.

Claire de Luna, based on your kitchen and new bathroom, I would love to see pictures of your laundryroom, or at least read about some of the details. Your kitchen is one of the best thought-out I've seen.

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Zelmar, I have the duets installed on the ground floor of a slab foundation, so my experience probably isn't a good comparison. In any case, they're mounted on the factory pedestals and are very quiet and don't vibrate very much. I don't know how they'd perform on a 2nd floor, though.

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I know this is probably going against the grain, but a very reliable source (appliance repair man who has been in the business for years and years) told us to buy the cheapest model that does what we want it to do. He said that the days of washers lasting 10 to 15 years and dryers lasting 15 to 20 years are long gone. He told us that washers and dryers are being made with too many plastic parts, whereas they use to be metal. The plastic wears and breaks much more often. Having your machine fixed 3 times just about pays for a new washer or dryer.

He told us this after I was very upset that our 4 year "new" GE profile dryer broke for the 3rd time and the washer had to have a major repair completed. Granted, the washer/dryer cost us about $1000 and not $2500 to begin with. I asked him if I had to buy a very upscale model to get the longevity and reliability I was used to having. The repair guy basically told us that even the new, expensive models will break down in the same time frame as the cheapest models.

We went out and bought the 2nd cheapest model at Best Buy. Works great. I'm sure it will only last 5 years, and then we'll have to replace it. It was under $200, though, so I won't cry too much. I just hate filling up the landfills.

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Our appliance repairman (his name is Glenn- DH is appalled that I'm on a first-name basis with him) told us to always go with knobs over electronics- you know- the LED display--he said if there's a computer/circuit board, you'll have a lot more problems. Makes sense. The 'bells and whistles' rule of thumb.

Chris, honey- I'm tellin' ya--gitcherself down to the scratch n' dent.

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Zelmar, thanks so much. (It still feels really nice to hear something like that!) I'm sure you just missed the link above called ''Luna Laundry System''. I'll post it again so you can look at the pictures. We've had this installed since September 2003, and it's been working like a charm since.

Chris, I have what would be considered old Miele models by now, Novotronic W1986 and T1526. I believe these were the models that came out before the honeycomb drums. Although smaller than the current American frontloaders, at the time I bought them, they hold the same amount of laundry that my old toploaders did. I'm sure you'll probably be happy with whatever you decide. I know my frontloader is vastly superior in getting my wash clean to what I had before. (Molly is quite a laundry expert, so you can trust what she tells you!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Luna Laundry System

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chiefneil, thank you for the info. It seems quite likely that the Duets would be a great improvement, vibration-wise, over what I have now.

Claire de luna, you're right, I did miss the link--thanks for posting it again. I've seen a picture of it before (I think it was the Ikeafans website as someone's inspiration photo) but didn't realize it was yours (actually, I thought it was from a magazine.) I showed it to DH, impressed by how nice it looked and how well the space was used.

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Well, I guess today is the day to make THE BIG PURCHASE . . so shades of kitchen remodel here, and all the angst that went with that !!!!!!!! Chiefneil . .
thanks for the Miele info . . . still trying to figure the best model to go with . . . the 4840, or one in the 1000 series . This whole experience has been kind of nuts !! Where I got that I HAD to go with the stainless steel drum, I'm not sure . . . and it probably doesn't matter one bit !! Bottom line . . . whatever we get will be far, far superior to what we have now . . . and once it's here . . it will be much like the kitchen, I'm sure.
All that I stressed over is for nuthin' !!! (I just kind of roll my eyes to myself when I think of some of the questons I posted on the kitchen forum while in the midst of it all !!!!! )

Gibby . . . we'll see what happens with the factory trained installer . . . They have a plant or distribution center or whatever less than a couple of hours from here, and I was assured (!!) that if someone in the area couldn't take care of us, that they would just send one of their people down. I, at least, got to talk to a real live person on their 800 line, so that was a plus . . . and for at least 30 minutes !! Probably drove the guy nuts !!!

Zelmar, good luck with your quest for the "perfect w/d" !!
I'm glad the thread on the dd's proved helpful for you !! AND glad that you like them !!!! I absolutely love ours, and THAT was a huge decision to go with . . . (or come to think about it . . . maybe that was in the "what's a few hundred dollars more" mode I was in ???!!! That's probably more like it !!! ) Too bad the w/d didn't conk out then . . . maybe the decision would have been easier ! Yeah, the options available . . . that's what is perplexing me now . . . I'm so used to being able to control everything (on the washer, that is ) . . . just kind of in the dark here about how the new ones function . . I want it to be simple, but good !!!!

Geogirl . . . interesting about your repair guy saying that things aren't meant to last . . . I'm finding this to be so true with so many things . . . . planned breakdown so you have to buy new !!! I'm just hoping, however, that when Miele says they'll last at least 20 years that they have to have something behind that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claire . . . I guess it's your model # that the guy at Expo was talking about . . . no, wait, probably another # since he did mention the honeycomb drum . . . but he said it was the European version . . .
(and again . . . I just so love your laundry center !!! )

Pecan . . . good advice from Glenn !!!!! I really don't want bells and whistles . . . basics here !!! but to last !!! Just don't want to go through all this again !!!!
W/D with knobs but built like a tank to last forever . .
How hard can that be ???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will share whatever our final choice is !!!
And . . . thanks again to all for your help !!!


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Wish it was possible to special order a washer. I'd love a top loader with knobs (no circuit board) and a stainless wash tub.

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Consumers Reports just reviewed washing machines. They said that because new washers have to use less water that many new washers did a poor job. They reported that you have to spend $900.00 now to get a NEW washer that does a decent job. Only the more expensive top loaders did alright.

You might want to check it out.

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Well, I'm here to tell you !! I never in my life imagined that I'd be so darn excited about doing laundry !!!!
We ended up getting the Miele 4840 washer, and the gas dryer. The difference in how clean the clothes get is absolutely amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm major impressed, and actually DH and DS have commented positively, also, which is amazing in itself !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first few loads of clothes that I did . . . well, just sat in front of the washer and watched it !!! Can't believe how quiet, how little water, all that !! (Neighbors even came by to watch it and were equally amazed !! Do ya think we need to get a life here in this neighborhood ????!!!!!!!)

I'm also using the Persil detergent, both liquid and powder, which is kinda pricey, but so little of it is used . . . and the smell is so fresh, without any fake perfumey smells . . . Do I sound like some kind of commercial here ???? !!!!!

Well, anyway . . . that's the scoop on the w/d saga . . .
Glad the decision making process is a done deal, and that I am totally thrilled with it all !!! Now . . . hopefully no more decisions on anything for a really long time, no angst . . . except that we're re-doing both of our bathrooms right now . . . so here we go again !!!!!


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P.S. . . . . . . Thanks so much again for all that all of you shared with me re: w/d !! Really do appreciate it !!

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Chris, it's great to hear you're so pleased. I felt exactly the same way when my Mieles were first installed. My whites are still coming out clean, so I'm a happy laundry queen. (I'll admit to hanging out to watch the clothes roll around in my first front loader. It's just amazing to think your clothes will get clean in so little water.)

I had an experience with a good friend of mine when we'd made a stop to pick up laundry detergent, and she picked up one of the biggest boxes of laundry soap I'd ever seen. (She still has a top loader and didn't understand the appeal of frontloaders, especially when they cost so much.) I just laughed and said I'm enjoying the Tablespoon of soap my laundry requires these days. It's no back breaker!

Congratulations and many happy years of clean clothes. With your Mieles, you won't have to worry about it for a very long time.

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I've been reading over onthe laundry forum and getting overwhelmed and confused again. I didn't even thing to look here.

Claire, I really like your set up. How high is the deck your W&D are set on?

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Oh Thanks lascatx! It measures approximately 27 inches high.

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Thanks. I was telling my husband about your setup, but I forgot to show him the pictures last night. I told him it was higher than pedestals but not as high as stacked machines would be. I also told him about your laundry basket. I have a challenging laundry room, but I'm not sure that using your ideas will help me. I want to draw it up though and see. So far, DH likes stacking larger units like the Duets and using an 18" double trash pullout (2 bins, 50 qts each) for sorting laundry. I thought that was being clever, but I think you've got me beat there. ;)

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How wide is your laundry closet? Our architect is coming over tomorrow to discuss our kitchen and bath remodels, but I have decided to show him the Luna Laundry System and see if we can do something like it in our laundry space. TIA.

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Brachl, my LC is 50-1/2 inches wide. There is barely two inches of extra space (wide) in my closet for squeezing the W/D into; it's a tight fit. (The Mieles I own are small compared to american sized W/D's. I didn't have much space available.) The space was made to custom fit these units in particular. You can customize almost anything to fit, if you know the measurements of your laundry units, and know where you want it to live so you don't have to be limited to the amount of space I had.

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Thanks for the information, Claire! I already have your dog feeding station and cell-phone charging drawer on my want list for my kitchen -- now I'll add your Laundry system to my wish list.

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