Trane XR15 install - two stage?

k87txFebruary 23, 2011

I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area and I have received a quote for a XR15 AC with a variable speed xv80 furance. The AC guy told me that the XR15 is a two stage system? Is that correct? He also told me there really isn't any difference between the XL15i and XL16i and the XR15 except the outside unit cover and the noise. In fact, he said the XR15 (with the combo that I am getting) is the only one that can receive the Federal Tax Credit. Which system is the better system for effiency vs. cost?

I would also like to know if the quote is reasonable.

I am receiving:

two-stage XR15 (16 SEER) AC - model #GSC130601BC 5 ton unit

XV80 variable speed furance and evaporator coil- model # AH604AL

new concrete slab; disconnect box and electrical whip; new metal drain pain w/ emergency float switch; (4")April Aire filter; 8000 series trane thermostat, mastic seal all indoor equipment; 2 yr service agreement; adding return air in the secondary hallway...they are also redoing three ducts (not the complete run) - it is a 10" duct that is currently split into two 8" runs and a 6" run...they are going to keep the two 8" runs split from the 10", but they are going to make the 6" its own run

I have a 4 bedroom house (2 baths) that is approximately 2,400 sqft.

He quoted me $8,368 prior to the $1,075 state refund and the $500 Federal refund

I'm sorry I have typed so much, but I wanted to make sure that I gave all the necessary info. If you need more information please let me know.



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The XR15 and XL15i are both single stage condensers while the XL16i is a 2-stage condenser. The XV80 is a 2-stage furnace with a VS blower.

I'll let the pros answer your other questions about the quote you received.

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Excuse me, but Condenser M#GSC13060 is a 5 ton 13SEER Goodman Model #.

As I recall Trane can't get 16SEER efficiency in a 5 ton.Ask for the AHRI Cert# to validate efficiency.

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Sorry....the model number I first listed is for my current equipment. The correct AC model # is 4TTR5061E1000A. I do not have the correct model # for the Heating Unit.

I really do appreciate your help.

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Well, apparently Trane's 5 ton XR-15 can now qualify for the fed tax credit when matched with their variable speed furnace and ASPEN coils. Unfortunately, your coil# AH604AL appears to be ADP coils and are not listed by AHRI as being a qualified system. Again, get the AHRI cert# from the dealer and confirm certification thru

Also, since you are not getting Trane coils you may want to doble check on the Mfg"s Warranty

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Is the Trane a two stage unit though?

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"Is the Trane a two stage unit though?"

Your answer lies here:

See my first response.

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The 061 model is a 2 stage unit with an unloading scroll compressor. Low stage is around 75-80% capacity depending on matchup.

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Just to clarify for anyone who reads this thread in the future:

The 4TTR5061 straight a/c model is a 2 stage unit, but the 4TWR5061 heat pump model is not a 2 stage unit.

In this poster's case, yes, the XR15 is a 2 stage unit.

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I am in DFW as well and just got a quote for a Trane XR15 5 ton. I had the same question. I contacted Trane and this is what they wrote back "The 4TTR5061"E" model has a 2 step scroll compressor." When I asked for the difference between a 2 step and a 2 stage they answered, "The systems that a 2 stage have two compressors in the condenser and the 2 step has one compressor." So from my understanding from what the dealer told me and Trane told me the XR15 5 ton has one compressor with two different stages. The XLi20 has two compressors to manage to two stages. I was also told by the dealer that the 5 ton is the only XR15 model that has the two stage (all of the other XR15 models have the single stage which is what makes it so confusing when you are on the Trane web site). And our quote was similar to yours.

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Thank you so much dlstar. I actually just received a response directly from Trane and they stated what you have. My system qualified for both the state and federal rebates...for a total of $1,575. So, in reality my out of pocket will be $6,793. I didn't think that was too bad. I went ahead with the system install and everything went well. My heat has only come on for a bit...otherwise nothing. Let's see how it goes when the temps hit 90+. I'm hoping the money is worth it. :)

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May I suggest that when the temperatures begin to warm up, say around 80F, that you call your installers to come out and recheck the refrigerant charge in you system.

Reason is, it is a guess at best when charging an AC unit in cold weather.

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k87tx, I am in North Dallas (Allen) area. Looked at the state rebates and can not find them. Can you tell me about state rebates? The companies and the amount? I am getting Xli16 or Xli20 (may be the XR15). How do you like your system so far? Have you noticed any utility bill savings?

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opakm....sorry for the late response. The state rebate information can be found on:

However, it ended right after I had my system installed. I'm sorry. I LOVE my system. I am very happy that I got it. I have noticed a huge difference in the comfort of my home and my utility bill. My bills are around $80-$100 less a month....and I keep my house about 3-4 degrees cooler (about 74-75). I have since added solar screens (highly long as you don't mind your house being a bit darker) and some insulation in the attic. I haven't had an electric bill since I've had that installed...and I will try to post how much it all has saved me. Honestly though, it's not all about the cost savings, but the comfort that my family and I have with the new system. Which system did you end up getting? How has it turned out for you?

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