paulinesJuly 1, 2007

Has anyone made those slush drinks for big boys and girls (the type with alcohol) for a get-together? Did folks like them? Were there any issues with scooping the frozen mass into glasses (is it solid or does it freeze to a slush consistency?)? Also, some recipes call for the soda to be frozen along with the rest of the recipe, others call for adding the soda to the punch bowl or glass - does one method work better than the other?

Any tips or recipes you want to share?

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If you are talking about the buckets that you add a liter of alcohol to, they are GREAT!!! Alcohol does not freeze, so the mixture freezes into a perfect slush! When you first scoop into it, it might a little too frozen, so just stir it up, or leave it on the counter for 15 minutes.

I am not sure how you would add soda along with the booze - there is not enough room in the bucket. I think maybe the soda recommendation is for 'virgin' drinks - no booze, just soda for kids and non-drinkers. If you put it in a bowl, you will want to surround it with ice so it doesn't melt too quickly. Put the frozen mixture into a medium sized bowl, then put that in a huge bowl, with ice between the two.

An easier way is to get an appropriately sized storage bin, put the frozen buckets in it, and surround with ice. That can be put on the counter with large spoons for scooping. You can get a shallow storage bin at Target, one like this. They have different sizes, and they're about $6.00.
Or just leave the buckets in the freezer and serve as needed.

My favorite is the Margarita one. If you get that, be sure and use gold tequila, it's much better. Doesn't matter which brand - I buy the cheapest. I've had the daquiri one too. It was good, but I am not a big fan of rum.

And don't be tempted to add a quart instead of a liter. Definitely too strong! (ask me how I know... ;)

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Oh, wow! I just checked out the "On The Border" website, and saw the new flavors! Mango Passion, Pomegranate, CranAppletini....
I think all of those need to be tested before your party to ensure they are good. What time shall I come over?

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Hey Weed, how are you doing?

I've seen those buckets around but haven't checked them out~ it sounds like they'd be right up my alley, nice & easy, lol

The slushes I was thinking of are the 'homemade' type, probably a very similar idea to the buckets? I'll make a few types and freeze smaller batches in ziplock bags. That way I can pull them out of the freezer as needed.

Here's one recipe, it sounds delish.

Here is a link that might be useful: mid-summer madness recipe...

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Does 7:00pm work for you?

Those flavors sound really amazing (mango passion, oh ya!)~ maybe the buckets are the way to go?

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Doing ok, thanks! How's by you?

The recipe sounds good, might have to try it. But: those buckets are soooooo easy ;)
Around here they're around $7.00. You can keep the bucket in your freezer - they last a pretty long time. (er, so I hear....)

7pm? Oh dear, we will have wasted two hours already!

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Have made bourbon slushies many, many a time at our house, and they were no trouble at all. Just scoop up. It is always a huge hit, so so refreshing- make sure you make a big batch. They freeze well in gallon freezer bags freeze slushie. Thanks for reminding me- haven't made any for ages.. used to keep it in the freezer at all times! I will make some this weekend yum. Sue

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Thanks for your help weed and your input Sue! Wound up using the buckets and they were great...too great, lol Party was a success! Next time I'll give the homemade slushes a try.

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