Are You A Forum Junkie?

bobleilaniJuly 1, 2007

1. How many forums do you visit daily or regularly?

2. What types of forums are they?

3. How many forums or how much time spent on forums do you think earns the title of "Forum Junkie"?

I'll go first:

1. I currently visit a total of 4 forums a day.

2. GW, eBay, Mercedes Benz, RV Forum.

3. I think regularly visiting 3 forums or 3 hours on forums is enough to be considered a I guess my answer is YES! :)

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I think I'm terminal.

There are about 7-10 different forums across the net I go into to give tile advice, as well as the Hot Topics forum over on the GW side that I go into, and although not every day on all of them, definitely on a regular basis.

As for how much constitutes being a forum junkie, that I can't say. But I'd say I'm on line between the forums and my email about 4-6 hours a day, and I KNOW that puts me in that category.

Like I said-- I'm terminal! :-)

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I hadn't thought so...but, running a search on your user name will definitely tell how "junky" one is. In fact, I now wish I'd kept more than a few of my posts off of some. And this information isn't anything new to me now or prior.

One of the more interesting posts found was one which had been stolen from GW and used on a "more than suggestive" site. Actually, there were 3 of us from GW which had their posts stolen. Believe me, I would never go to the site and there is nothing we can do.

Try a search....I think I found a pic of Bill V. on a Motorcycle. Forget Tile.....Way too cool!

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emagineer-- That just happened to me in another forum. Someone over at HGTVPro's forum brought to my attention that a couple of my pics were in a gallery belonging to a contractor down in Jax, Florida. It happens. WHEN it happens, you take care of it. Immediately.

As for doing a search on your name, I've got a program on my website that allows me to see when people come to my site thru web searches, and I've had many come in thru a search for "Bill Vincent Tile". So I tried it. On every search engine-- Google, Yahoo, MSN, any of em-- I come up like a RASH!! LMAO

As for the bike pic, that was a long time ago. :-)

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The only thing that could be done is contact GW and flag them with the 2 sites. Problem is...the sites are foreign. Their URLs look like florest businesses, but not the case when you get there.

So, I was right about the motorcycle and who cares how old it is. And yes, you are like a rash when googling your name, most of us are if we post on more than a couple forums. Used yours on a whim to see if it matched up to what was found with mine. I didn't go into reading what was found on you, 99% tile and fish, wasn't on a mission to dig into your life. Got a kick out of the "rider" though.

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Yikes! That's scarey. I just googled dccnm and realized that one could actually put together quite a bit of info on me--where I live, travel, pics of the inside of my house, etc. Silly, but I never thought of that. Apparently the answer is to change your id with each site so that it can't all be lumped together.

Maybe I'm just a paranoid baby boomer but I'll think about this more if I sign up on any more forums....

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Count me in with the paranoid 'boomers! I never considered that either. I do use different names on different sites but bunglogrl shows up on at least a dozen GW forums and several google pages. I'll certainly start lurking more and thinking twice before adding my two cents to so many threads.

Oh, and yes I am a forum junkie.

1. I visit three sites each day - more than three if you count all the subforums on sites like this one.
2. GW, TWoP, our local neighborhood message board
3. I spend about 3 hours off and on every day - more if I'm involved in a fun thread. What makes me a "Forum Junkie" is not the amount of time, but the fact that I get cranky if my internet service is down for more than a few hours. Plus, I'm always tempted to bring my laptop on vacation (I don't need my laptop for work or anything, so no excuse). I haven't done that yet, but I know when it happens it'll be time to find a 12-step program!

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