I don't like the boiler I just got

KateB22February 7, 2014

Bummer. I am building a new house and making a million decisions. I am not building itmyself I am paying someone.
I went back and forth on the heating system. I wanted something quiet.
We have radiant floor heat and the boiler and heat was just installed yesterday amd I experienced it today for the first time. Thehosue is being built.

so, first I had thought I would get a pellet boiler which I wanted but was too nervous to get.
then I actually had a propane boiler installed--- then that day I started having fears about it being so flammable and read many stories about explosions caused form propane in homes and actually switched it to an oil burner.
so they took back my propane at some cost loss to me and I had to pay more to have the oil boiler installed.

In my old house I had a system2000 oil boiler and I wish now I had gotten that. I ended up getting the buderus because the heating guy said some things had to be added to the system 2000 to go with the radiant, blah blah. would have cost more but now I hat emy new buderus.
It is SO loud.
Now I wish I could return it and replace it with a system 2000.ugh.

Now I am looking into soundproofing the boiler room. That may help. I actually put an inquiry in to see if they would buy the buderus back (if I could return it) and do the system 2000. sounds crazy.
I have put so much money and time into my new house and if I could change it to a boiler I liked for not too much more it may be worth it. I am really really sensitive to noise.

are system 2000 much quitter than the buderus? I had thought it would be the same type of thing really.

If the heating co took back the buderus (would they? It has been running and installed for one day) would they be able to hook up a system 200 to the same other parts they had already installed?

Anyeone soundproofed their boiler room?

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Buderus is an excellent boiler. What make /model burner did they install? Perhaps a burner made by a different manufacturer might be quieter? What is the model of the Buderus boiler. Is it sized right? Is your electrical rate too high to make an electrical boiler economical? What water temperature do you need?

What does your installer say about the noise?


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How is the boiler vented? Chimney or side wall? Power vented or direct vented? Riello or Becket burner? Do you have outdoor reset control on this boiler? Buderus is an excellent boiler. I would choose it over a S2000. You really should have stuck with the gas unit, sorry to say.

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Propane costs about the same as fuel oil in most parts of the country. The propane is more attractive since it burns cleaner, is quieter, requires less maintenance, and can be used for cooking and domestic hot water. It also makes you natural gas ready in the event it becomes available in the future.

An insulated boiler room will need a fresh air intake. I think you are looking at a big loss if you swap boilers. The equipment will have to be sold as used.

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hey thanks for the responses-- I already switched the propane boiler out and I don't regret that. I know the noise would have been way better but as soon as it was in I felt worried about explosions from it-- whether that is valid or not it makes me feel safer to have the oil so that is good.
I went back to the house today and it was somewhat less loud sounding than whe I first heard it, and the good thing is there were periods of time when it turned off for a good long while.

I really want to soundproof it. When someone above said the boiler room needed fresh air, it can still be soundproofed if done by someone who knows what they are doing, right?

I found a place that specializes in soundproofing so I will call them Monday. I still don't like the boiler but I don't hate it as much- as long as I can reduce the sound significantly by soundproofing. I hope I can do that,

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Something likely isn't right with your install. Take some pictures of your install, open the cover panels, take pictures of that, take pictures of the piping going to and from.

Call the boiler manufacturer and talk to technical support. Describe the noise and send the pictures. It doesn't sound right that it would be so noisy. There may be something wrong with how it was installed or set up. If the manufacturer says the noise is normal then consider sound proofing or change out.

Also go through the installation manual and to the best of your ability check the way it is connected.

If you are truly lost you can perhaps have your city's building inspector come and look at it. Have the manual handy as they can look through that to see if it is installed correctly.

I know how you feel because we recently had an indirect water tank replaced and I was so discouraged that it couldn't provide hot water for a 10 min. shower and then some times was providing 150 F water. I thought I got really bad equipment. Turns out they did not install a check valve to prevent back flow into the water tank from the boiler loop so it was over heating. Not sure why it couldn't provide the hot water but I had them back and had them install to the manual as well as give me a new aquastat and all works Ok now.

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OIl boilers are noisier than gas, if it's on the same level and noise is bothersome, room soundproofing should take care of that. You did good going with oil, you're going to save money over propane.

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