Now that my kitchen is is the amount of stuff!

peace_roseJuly 7, 2010

Hey everyone,

I thought I'd pop in here in the conversation forum. We started planning our kitchen / dining room addition over a year ago. I never would have thought it would have taken this long! I'd say we're about 2/3 of the way done. Anyhow, my current kitchen is teensy-tiny. Like about 12 square feet of counter space, and most of that is taken up by a dish drainer, coffee pot and toaster. And we have no dishwasher! So I've always been very careful about not buying things I don't need. But I've also held back on things I've wanted. Now that the end is in sight, I've bought a 16 qt pressure cooker and an ice-cream maker. We've been making homemade ice cream, and I can't wait to start canning this fall.

Hopefully I won't just buy useless gadgets to fill up our new space, but it's so refreshing to finally be able to get some enjoyment out of things I've wanted for a long time!

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Ah, yes! Welcome to the new kitchen expansion! I bought a cast iron roaster and a wok, glass containers, the glass KA bowl and some gadgets that I'd put off for lack of storage, like scoops. I can use my hands or a couple of spoons, but how nice is it to have scoops? I did have space for the things I got, but I'm being very careful about small appliances. I don't need a rice maker but one tried to follow me home one day. I've been contemplating an ice cream maker, and may actually get one, but the juicer and small bread maker that also said they wanted in are just not needed!

What ice cream maker did you get?

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Way to stand firm plllog! You just tell those small appliances to get back in their corner.
I've also got a KA mixing bowl and wok on my list.
The ice-cream maker was a $10 Rival craislist special. Works well!

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What I ended up buying was lots of pretty new serving pieces. I had pretty much nothing pretty to serve things on before. I had to stop after a while though! LOL

peace rose, if you like to cook (which you clearly do based on your purchases) you ought to come over to the cooking forum and hang out. Friendly group over there! Right plllog? :)

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Oh, that is good to know. Thanks! I could use some canning tips. :)

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Lowspark, Um... Yes? The cooking forum folks are mostly very friendly and a lot of fun, but there are a few old timers who snipe at each other so much that when people said things that specifically put down what I was saying, I, who have a pretty thick skin, felt like I'd been slapped. I think they were probably talking about their own experience with whatever it was, and not gunning for me at all, but the atmosphere over there can be so hostile, within the rules of forum behavior, that I got oversensitized. I've gone back to lurk and read a couple of times, thinking I could avoid it, and then all of a sudden, in perfectly fun threads the cudgels would come up again and I'd get a stomach ache. I loved having people to share my new kitchen, relearning to cook adventures with, and to learn from, but it's not worth the hostile cross traffic.

Peace Rose, there are some big canners in the Cooking Forum. Try the Harvest Forum, as well. I haven't been over there as my limit is jam, but that's where the Cooking people send the canners for more tips.

I just got a new item for my kitchen. I really debated on the price and it was worth every penny! My brother had given me a TV for the kitchen as last year's birthday present, picked out after it was done. It's this lovely, skinny, lightweight LED Samsung. One of the things I liked about it is how hard it is to put over, seeing that it's so light and thin. Set up on the soapstone island, however, it turns out that it achieves this with a really grippy stand. So I decided it needed a turntable. Otherwise, it needed to be lifted and set down to turn it at all.

There are all kinds of turntables/lazy susans on Amazon, ranging from plastic to cheap wood, to etched glass. I didn't want to make the TV higher. I didn't want anything that would look cheesy on the counter. There was a slate one that was just the right size, with a padded base and ball barrings that sounded a lot thicker than it is. It's PERFECT!! The color blends with the TV, the texture blends with the (green) leather finished soapstone, it turns beautifully, and doesn't walk. Worth every penny! Now if there were just a way to make the cable box disappear and still work... (It's on the table under the stone.)

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Valid point. I've been hanging around there a long time and I guess I'm pretty used to most of the personalities. There are certain people who I just generally ignore. Some people always know better than anyone else and are always either amazed at others' lack of knowledge or lack of ability or whatever. And in fact, there are a couple of relative new-comers who seem to purposely stir the pot unnecessarily.

Again, I just ignore them. OK, every once in a while I get riled up and reply but I do try hard to scroll on by.

Aside from those few, though, it really is a great place. The vast majority are very friendly and more than happy to help with suggestions, ideas, recipes, methods, etc.

I'm really sorry you felt personally attacked. And I'm sorry if you won't post there as much. I was definitely reading your posts with interest!

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Thanks, May! I enjoyed your contributions too! I may get back there. It's probably just me getting oversensitized and reacting (other than from a certain control freak whom I can ignore). In time I might be able to go back, but I have to get to the point where the sniping doesn't turn my stomach. I really do like so many people there a lot, and was learning great things from them!

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Ah, yes, apparently nature really does abhor a vacuum, how else to explain why new spaces quickly fill up with new stuff and bills quickly expand to use up any extra money.

When you start spending large amounts of money on something like a kitchen remodel it's easy to keep spending, but at some point we all learn to say "no more."

Good luck and enjoy your new kitchen. Working in a new, well-designed kitchen is such a pleasure.

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