am I doing something wrong?

andreagbJuly 14, 2006

Please feel free to wallop me upside the head, figuratively speaking, and tell me I'm being too sensitive here.

I've been reading and posting to the THS forums for a few years now, and have tried to be a good citizen. I've learned a lot, and I very much enjoy the virtual company of the folks on this forum especially.

Lately I have posted a few times to the kitchen forum and have been flat-out blown off -- maybe 1 post in response, and a few times, none at all. I'm a little confused. Have I erred somehow? Am I a troll without knowing it? Or are people just busy?

The last time was a request for backsplash input. I don't know how to insert pics into my posts, so I did lots of links instead. Maybe that made it difficult for people to get an idea of the color palette (especially those with dial-ups, like me)? It seems like there are about ten discussions of granite in various incarnations right now: perhaps the backsplash gurus have gone somewhere else for a while?

I am probably being silly about this. I feel a little silly writing it. But might as well get it out there. Thanks for humoring me.

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I have been hanging about... gee about 9 months it must be.
I can assure you I personally would NEVER want you to think I blew off a question you posted. Just my own lack of confidence and experience sometimes makes me think 'what would I know' and 'who would care anyway'! So unless I am very confident and have some basic knowledge I try not to respond too much.
Backsplashes is an absolute classic case in point- I have no idea! Definately not a guru- maybe an 'unguru'? As far as taste goes- mine is often left of field, so others often don't like what I do. I would be too scared to post my colour selections lest they be flamed to ashes.

I have also noted the posts move very quickly on kitchens, so sometimes they end up on page 3 by the next day-'bumping' it could help.
So, not you at all! (At least from my perspective)

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I like to chime in on *opinion poll* threads. With so many threads to choose from, I'll admit that I usually don't bother if I have to click on more than one link.

I bookmarked weed30's old (2004) discussion about how to post pictures. The information about photo hosting sites is likely dated, but the instructions for image posting are good.

Here is a link that might be useful: Posting Photos

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i guess i'm sensitive too, i feel the same way sometimes.
kitchen and baths are my heart and soul but most of the time i just lurk.

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Sorry Andreagb. I've had those 'zero-interest' posts somethimes too.

If there's a backsplash thread and I haven't responded, it's probably either because:

- The OP has already 'decided' on either tumbled travertine, crema marfil or a look-alike tile (and I'm bored with those), or a glass mosaic (just not my thing).

- There are no nearly-finished kitchen photos. (How can you envision what the backsplash ought to be when you can't see the kitchen?)

I say that not having seen yours -- sorry if I've hit a sore spot. I'll look yours up and say something anyway ;o)

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Andrea-- I'm sorry if I've missed your thread. Although I don't usually chime in on opinion polls, if I see something that might get into the tech aspect (concerning backsplashes), I will. Ask away!! Or if you'd rather, you can email me.

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Andrea, I didn't see the thread, or maybe I did not sure and I often post on backsplash issues as I'm a tile nut.

But a couple of things turn me off and perhaps these have been issues for others, not sure.

People post links without the hyperlink in text. And they do multiples. Those need to be pasted into the browser. So to look at those is a big PITA because there's a back and forth and an in and out of the thread and GW sometimes and then you sign in again (or at least I have to) and you get the picture.

So first post clickable links.

Even better is posting photos. Go to photobucket and open an account. It's super easy. Upload your photos there. Copy the center coding under the photo and paste it into your post.

When you preview the photo appears. You can post more than one.

I bet you'll get way more response.

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No offense intended but I never answer backsplash posts nor read them very much. There are just so many backsplash questions and I just don't think I can add much without actally seeing the kitchen, for me even a picture just isn't enough sometimes. And my own style is not the norm and would not be appreciated by most.

Now if someone posts with a finished backsplash now there is where I comment and usually with a big thumbs up.

You also have to remember this is the height of construction and many people are just too darn busy. And July 4th starts many family vacations too. Just trying to point out the abundance of questions v. few responses.

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I don't follow backsplash threads, but the one that you have on the fist page has 10 replies.

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andrea, as I suspected the problem is too much switching back and forth to follow what you're saying.

If you post all the pics of your scheme into one message so we can see what you want to do and ask all the questions on that same post I bet you'll get more comments and help. Also post the specs of what things are preceeding or following the photos.

Offhand I will tell you that I would not use 20" square tiles on a backsplash as I think it's a horsey scale and not as elegant as it can be unless you have an absolutely gigantic kitchen.

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Hey Andrea,

Just wanting to chime in and validate a view points. The Forum is large and moves fast. It is easy to have a post slip off the radar with few responses. Try not to take it personal.

Also, the picture advice is good. It is so much harder to read a long description and try to munch that into a visual than seeing the dilemna right there. And sometimes that time reading and processing still doesn't generate the right "picture". Very worth borrowing or getting a digital camera and opening a free Photobucket account.

Good luck.

(And I am no help with backsplashes...)

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Thanks, everyone, for the kind replies. Like I said, I was probably being too sensitive... and too technologically challenged! I'll work on the photos; thanks for the Photobucket help.

I hope my post didn't come off as picking at anyone's sleeve in particular, btw. As I said before, one of the reasons I hang out here is that I find this forum to be an unusually nice, patient group of people, very generous with contributing their collective wisdom. (I was blown away by Bill's willingness to help with that cracked tile floor of mine a few years ago, and that was just the beginnings of it!)

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I'll work on the photos; thanks for the Photobucket help.


(especially us guys-- you know how visual we are!! LOL)

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