Reco for Carryon Luggage for Frequent Work Travel?

patches123July 17, 2007

I know some of you travel a lot and I am trying to find a new cary on bag. I travel every other week and need something better. It needs to have a long pull out handle as I am tall. Four way rollers would be good to, so I am not constantly tipping the bag when turning.

Since I travel so much, something sturdy and well made. I haven't really priced it, but hopefully something good under $200

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Can you fit a spinner in the overhead bins? Usually you only see the spinner wheels on larger bags.

I've been using a Tumi rollerboard for about 10 years now, and it's held up really well. My travel schedule varies, but usually works out to about 10 - 20 trips a year. It's probably over your $200 budget, though.

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I like Tumi and Briggs and Riley - they hold up well and have good warranties. But as chiefneil says, probably over your budget. If you never check the bag something less expensive may hold up well.

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Swiss Army is a very good luggage line, too.

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Like artteacher, I like Swiss Army as well. I just looked at the Tumi line and the Business Overnight/Weekend luggage I just bought at Costco is very comparable and was way under $100. When you're living out of a bag, it seems important to me that it works for you the way you need it too. You might try the Warehouse stores to see what's available in your area.

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We have two Travelpro Crew Series. We've had them for at least ten years, and they've held up very well (used only two or three times a year though).

Next time you travel, notice what kind of luggage the flight attendants and pilots use. That's how we chose Travelpro.

Perhaps Organic_Donna will have a recommendation (I think she's a flight attendant).

Here is a link that might be useful: Travelpro

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My husband travels a lot for work and has bought numerous bags over the years. He likes Tumi, but it is expensive. Lately he has been using an Ebags Mother Lode Mini (available only on the Ebags website). I originally bought the bag for me, but he and my teenage son always took it, so we now have three of them. We are all short, so I am not sure if you will find the handle long enough for you.

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Thanks everyone. I have found a couple bags to consider. Any recos on them?

Travelpro Crew 6 21in. Expandable Rollaboard Spinner, $197 amazon, 42" handle

Travelpro Crew 6 22in. Expandable Rollaboard Suiter, $179, Consumer Digest Best Buy, 42" handle. Not a spinner.

I don't think Briggs & Riley make a spinner, but found these two...

Briggs & Riley Transcend 21in. Carry-On Expandable Upright, $250, 43" handle

Briggs & Riley Transcend 21in. Carry-On, $199, 43" handle

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I can't make a recommendation for carry-ons. We buy sets of luggage at Target on sale for $50, use them until the baggage handlers destroy them, then buy another set.

However, whatever you get, and whatever size you use, you will be able to pack more, with fewer wrinkles, with the Pack-It folders. They come in all different sizes and we are sold on them. We give them for Christmas and graduation gifts. Folding the clothing around the little 'board' takes just a second and packing is really wrinkle-free.

Here is a link that might be useful: pack-it folders

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I like those pack it folders - need to get some of those!

I went to Macy's at lunch, the closet place that sells any decent luggage. No B&R or other higher end brands. They had the TravelPro and then the Samsonite Silouhette 10, which I really liked, but will it hold up?

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Well, went to another place afterwork, which did have higher end luggage, including the B&R.

After comparing numerous bags for functionality, I bought the 22" Samsonite Silouhette 10 for $243, with tax. Hopefully it lasts..since its strictly carryon hopefully it will. I B&R had a spinner I would have purchased it.

Here is a link that might be useful: new bag

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Okay, what's a spinner?

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My husband uses Tumi and Costco. Likes both of them. The costco brand is a very good quality. He has been very happy with it. He also likes the fact that it is not black and can be spotted easily when coming down the luggage belt. ;) We also have a Tumi outlet store near us. Maybe check into that.

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yeah, what's a spinner?

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Swiss Army brand from Costco for my little roller carry-on that holds laptop, files, sweater, change of clothing; Kirkland brand from Costco for our big bag that we use for long trips; TravelPro Crew for my 22" carry-on that I've used on every trip, long or short, for the past ten years and it's still perfect. We travel at least once a month.

Another favorite is my Crew Cooler from eBags (not a roller). It's a little insulated bag that's meant to hold several days' worth of food for crew members who aren't fed on the plane but I use it for cameras, books, cosmetics, etc. On a long international flight, it's very convenient because of its shape and different ways to open it. I just love this little bag.

Here is a link that might be useful: crew cooler

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If you are looking for something entirely different, you could look at Zuca. I've never used it, because I have no need for one, but have always been intrigued. I'm considering one for my son, since he travels a lot. They'll have one soon that fits in an overhead bin. They seem to be used mostly by athletes with bulky equipment - ice skaters.

They come highly recommended, though they aren't cheap. They are very durable, they roll, you can sit on it, use it as a desk, etc. I think if you travel a lot, it might be useful.

I fly to Texas every month to see my grandson and his parents, my DD and SIL, and I just bought a rolling duffel (inexpensive) from LL Bean. I usually get the really cheap stuff at Target or Walmart, and use it till it falls apart, but I've had several bags fall apart while I was travelling, and had to duct tape them to get home. I hope this will last a little longer.

Good luck.

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I like garmet bags on wheels. It is so easy to hang 3 or 4 outfits and retrieve them w/o wrinkles. I have had my samsonite for 5 years and it has held up well. Thid despite having been lost in airline never-neverland several times.

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If you have a Tuesday Morning near you I would suggest trying them first. I was just looking for lugguage last month and bought a Travelpro 19" Carry On (Hydrogen Series) there for $50. It is so lightweight - I just love it.

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