History of Carrier Greenspeed

CharlyBobFebruary 12, 2013

My 25VNA036 Heat Pump and FE4ANF0005 was installed in October 2011...I posted about the first three months of service, then we got very cold after December 2011.....but here are the facts.......2010 electrical usage was 44,034 KWH.....2011 electric usage was 35,183 KWH......2012 electric usage was 37,700 KWH.....
January 2012...4,531 KWH...January 2013...3549 KWH
Feb. 2012...5,304 KWH.....Feb. 2013...4,083 KWH. Heat Pump is the ONLY appliance that is "new" still have two water heaters, two refrigerators and one freezer.....Heat Pump is saving electric, and we are "comfortable". IF the E.P.A. would "lighten up" on coal fired power plants, it might be even cheaper, but I doubt that will happen

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lighting up on coal fired power plants isn't the way we need to go at all.
coal extraction distroys the land it is extracted from.

regulations should be tighter, IMO.

if utilities would stop builidng new plants & invest in updating the older existing plants utility costs wouldn't rise so much,

glad you are seeing some savings.
add blankets to water heaters & when replacing
refrig.freezers shop for ones with more insulation..
thicker walls, doors etc.

best of luck.

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Sorry that I made that statement, because you hijacked my post, but coal put industry on the map in our country, Without coal, natural gas and oil, the industrial revolution would not have occurred. Windmills are only effective when the wind is blowing and solar is virtually useless when the sun does not shine. I spoke a fact, and you started a "myth" that other forms of energy can do the same....Wake up and smell the roses !!!!

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one reply to a post no one has replied to in two days is not hijacking a post.

the fact is that we are running out of natural resources.
the myth is that we are not.

conservation is what will reduce usage of our natural resources and make other forms of energy more viable.

look at what other countries are doing.

roses smell pretty good, thanks.

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For Charley

Energy rater did not hyjack your thread. He just made a comment about coal fired power plants. I am no greenie but coal is a dirty fuel, can be expensive to clean up emissions. I think they still use scrubber technology. And not only is it very dangerous to harvest but can do environmental damage to both the land and ground water. I know the industrial revolution was powered by coal in many pLants and factories but coal is very
problematic even today.

Insulation is cheap compared to cost of energy.

We could debate this all day long but I don't believe coal is a big part of our
country becoming energy independent. Perhaps a bridge fuel until our country develops a true national energy policy. No doubt the US is just drifting in the wind now. Sorry for the pun. And then we have Solyndra but that's another subject all together. Going green is fine...as long as it works, is practical, and cost effective without government credits that our country can't afford.

I am glad you are happy with the Greenspeed. Perhaps it is living up to the promise that the Hallowell Acadia failed to do.


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I don't think this is the right thread for a retired Nuclear Operator to weigh in. lol

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Nuclear has to be part of energy independence. In fact, Duke Power is building one of the first new nuclear fueled generation plants in many years in SC Upstate.

I was surprised last nite to see an electric recharging station for autos in an underground parking garage at a Marriott. Of course all the parking spots at this station were taken by conventional gas fueled cars...LOL...


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Coal was as essential to industrial development in the North as was slavery essential to agricultural development in the South. We stopped one, much later than we should have, and hopefully we'll not be so tardy in stopping the other.

The phase-out of coal burning power plants is happening already, the debate is long over. The damage they cause is too severe to allow the practice to continue.

PS to all the gang - I think Energy Rater is a she, not a he.

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"coal put industry on the map in our country,"

Thanks for the history lesson. Now how about that nuclear reactor for my closet.

"PS to all the gang - I think Energy Rater is a she, not a he."

And it does not matter to me.

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Yeah coal can be dirty but the deadline to have the coal plants updated with better air quality controls across the country is nuts. The supply of equipment could not and can not meet demand so the cost jumped through the roof. Utilities have no choice but to pay it or get backed against the wall with fines so here come the rate increases to cover it. Its a great example of the country as a whole being reactive rather than proactive.

As far as the Greenspeed system goes it seems to be really impressive and it will be great when other brands can follow suit. I would replace the water heaters with marathon units by Rheem which are heavily insulated and have a lifetime warranty.

Energy is very knowledgeable and helpful in here as are many others and greatly appreciated.

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All the negative effects of coal power plants have been known for decades, it's only been the political power and spending of the coal and power industries that have successfully stalled the imposition of strict standards. Many customers supported cheap power and stuck their heads in the ground, ostrich style, in hopes that the problem might go away.

The opportunity to be proactive passed many years ago. Power will be more expensive. Next crisis?

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CharlyBob, thanks for the post!

Can we please get back to Carrier 25VNA please? I am in the market of replacing 26 yr old oil furnace... I have a quote of $12,300 for Carrier 25VNA36... Contractor claims my heat will only cost $1000 a year based on .16/kw. This would be my only source of heat...

What state do you live in for temp purposes? (I live in Massachusetts)
Cost of system?
How much square feet is your house?
How many zones?
Is your house well insulated?
Any idea of savings to date?

Thanks a ton in advance!!!!

I have also been given an option to install an oil/heat pump hybrid which is $9942 install with an estimated cost to heat of $1600. (I am paying $4.00 a gal for oil and it keeps going up and up)

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I have no way of segregating my costs for the heat pump. KWH usage is down, but cost per KWH is up.
The 25VNA036, FE4ANF005 air handler and Infinity Control Thermostat cost $ 12,400.00...Metal, insulated trunk lines, Flex supply and return lines, Electrical upgrade and 10 year warranty made the total $15,650.00, but I got rebates of $1,800.00 so the net cost was $13,850.00...single zone...1800 sq. ft.....3 1/2" insulation in walls and 12" in attic

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CharlyBob, Thanks for the information! I really apreciate it!

Do you live in a colder region like New England, USA?

Did you have electric heat prior to the Carrier 25VNA being installed (I am asumming you did)?

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Hi Sabs83,

I also live in MA and want to install Carrier Greenspeed. Does the quote you received include cost of installing duct work? I'd be interested in getting your contractors name to get an estimate. Some details on your quote would also be helpful like tonnage, area of the house 1-2 floors etc.

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Gross Cost = $19,000 (Net after rebates= $16,350)

- Carrier 25VNA036A003 --> 3 Ton Variable Speed Heat Pump
- Carrier FE4ANF005 --> Variable speed high efficiency fan coil
- Carrier Programmable thermostat
- Carrier KFCEH1601315 --> 10 kw electric heater, 2 stages (5kw,15kw)

System efficiencies: 20 seer, 14 eer, 12.4 hspf

Work includes:

-Remove and dispose of oil furnace, oil tank and metal chimney.
-Installation and connection to existing duct work.
-Install new insulated steel duct work up to second floor with supplies into 3 bedrooms. (current duct work is not getting any flow)
-Install new floor return grille on first floor.
-Concrete pad for heat pump.
-All power and control wiring from existing service panel.

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Well I pulled the trigger on the 25 VNA. Thanks for the information!

Does anyone know how to set the outdoor temperature at which the heat strip turns on to supplement the Heat Pump??

Have you found that keeping the thermostat at a steady temperature is the most efficient or do you set the temperature back when you are not home or asleep? If you set back, how many degrees do you set back?

Any other pointers for a newbie like myself?

Thanks again!!

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I live in Southern Massachusetts (Attleboro) and was wondering if anyone has had experience with the Carrier Greenspeed Heat Pump units handling the colder temps. I currently have Infinity Air Handlers with 3 ton AC compressors and was thinking of trading them in for these new Heat Pumps since my oil boiler is quite old. If your from a colder environment and used these units in the Winter I would love to haer from you.

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Re: Rayball

Personal e-mails sent to me through Garden Web must contain return e-mail addresses. Otherwise I cannot respond personally. Please resend with your e-mail address if you expect a response.


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Rayball should follow good forum etiquette and start his own thread. It would get more looks and probably more responses.


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Thanks Tigerdunes I am new to Forums I took your advice and started a new thread

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