Rheem vs. Rudd furnace

ilanaspecFebruary 6, 2010

We are replacing our old furnace this week. We have similar quotes from two companies for a Rheem and a Rudd furnace. Any advice on how to chose between the two brands? TIA.

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The brands are identical (different color and badge); choose the best contractor.


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Rudd And Rheem are sister companies same as Carrier and Bryant.

just to clarify, depending on the models quoted, they can be identical. have to know the model though.


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I have both brands of heat pumps.

Many if not all Ruud labeled products are identical counterparts to Rheem labeled products. The only difference is the paint color, badge, and first character of the model number.

Rheem and Rudd are both brands of Rheem Manufacturing Company. They are manufactured by the same company. They have the same addresses and phone numbers. Ruud products are warrantied by the the Rheem Manufacturing Company.

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So I looked at the models. Both are 75000 BTU. The next question is whether or not we should go for a two stage. One contractor has both in stock, and says yes. The other, who does not have the two stage in stock, says no. This is a second furnace used to heat our top two floors (about 1700 sq. ft.). It's already 95% efficient. Thoughts?

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two stg variable speed blower 95%

why not post some mdl numbers?

what is your location?

what size/eff are you replacing?


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We are replacing a Lennox pulse (80000 BTU) in Columbus, OH. It is at 80% efficiency.I forgot to mention that we need a horizontal install in a non-conditioned space.

The single stage Rudd (he does not have a 2 stage) is the Achiever 90 Plus (RGTC Series).

The two stage Rheem is RGRL07EAMES. The single stage Rheems is RGRC07EAMES. Any advice is appreciated. We are not opposed to spending the extra $200 on the two stage if it's worth it and not likely to cause more breakdowns in the future.

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assuming you are sized correctly, I like the Rheem RGRL better although I would prefer the VS blower but that would be at an added cost.

where will furnace be located? what are you doing about AC?


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The contractor guided us away from the blower. Why would you opt for it? The furnace is one of two in our house, and is located in an unfinished space in our third floor (which is finished with heat and AC). Our plan is to tap into the current AC system since it is working fine and expensive to replace.

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