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happyhealthymamacFebruary 24, 2013

We are in the late phase of building our house. As we started to plan our furniture configuration, we are realizing the ac vent in the great room is not in the best spot for our furniture layout. There is a wall of 3 large windows and the vent is currently centered (on the floor) of these windows. We'd simply like to move the vent about 5 feet to the right so it wouldn't be directly under the windows. By doing this, would I be sacrificing the energy efficiency in the great room? Would doing this make it noticeably hotter in summer or colder in winter? Anything else I need to consider before deciding if this is the best thing to do? Thx--

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How large is the great room? How many vents are in the room and what are their locations?

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Open floor plan. The great room is 17' x 18'. There is one vent in the great room but it is rather large. Larger than any of the other vents in the house

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Moving the vent over by 5 feet is not going to make much of an impact in terms of efficiency or comfort. I would be more concerned that there is only one vent in a room of this size. The three large windows will increase the heating and cooling load of the room. Ask the builder about putting in a second vent.

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talk to hvac installer.

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