Add baseboards and add zone, need your review

james_007February 2, 2012

Our existing CI baseboard one zone water heating system is not enough now. Because we are starting finish the basement and planning to replace the family room�s electric heating with water heating. The boiler is 2yrs old Burnham alp105 gas boiler and supposes it is big enough for the coming new baseboards.

We are planning to do the following:

1. Split two bedrooms out from the existing zone, add the family room, which is using electric heating now, into the existing zone;

2. Add one zone for those two bedrooms and another downstairs bedroom;

By using Heatloss Explorer 2 software, I figured out the family room needs about 30ft Slant Fin 30 baseboard.

I have two diagrams to show you what we have now and what the new design is. Please review it and let me know if my plan is reasonable.

The link for my diagrams:

Here is a link that might be useful: diagrams

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