Thank you mabeldingeldine!

donna_loomisMarch 13, 2013

This past weekend I candied some jalapenos. Wasn't sure if they needed to set a few days before being "ready", but I couldn't wait. Had some the next day and thought they were fabulous! Thanks again.

And I won't have to share them with anybody, because the rest of my family are wimpy when it comes to spice.

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Oooh! I am glad you tried them and liked them! I've been eating them lately on bagels and cream cheese for breakfast -- way to start the day!

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No cream cheese or bagels, I've been eating them right out of the jar. My last batch was super hot, I imagine it's hard on my innards eating 1 gallon of peppers. Like Donna, I haven't had any takers.

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Mustangs, I tip my hat to you! My candied jalapenos are super hot, too -- my Master Gardening course instructor gave me 3 huge bags of jalapenos, and I don't know what she does but those babies are inferno-like. They were so hot I only froze a few for cooking and made the rest into cowboy candy. I like spicy but I need a little something else to cool the burn, even though they are tasty!

It is strange because we each grow the same variety of jalapeno, but it really demonstrates how soil and garden conditions can impact the flavor. My jalapenos are flavorful and somewhat spicy, but hers sure set your tongue aflame.

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Different jalapenos must be it! The first batch was just right hot. The second was a scorcher and only I can eat them and like you, I need something to cool the burn.

I thought it was because I didn't take many seeds out but then I didn't remember doing that for the first batch.

They are delicious if I can get the right heat.

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Hm... mine were pretty hot, too. I did leave in the seeds, but I just assumed it was the process that made them so hot. I didn't grow them, I purchased them at market. It will be interesting to see how my home grown jalapenos (months from now) will taste.

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OK, so now you have me intrigued. Candied Jalapenos and Cowboy Candy? Come on ladies, let's have some recipes please!!


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Steve, you can find the recipe I use on my recipe blog. I found it on another blog called Foodie with Family.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cowboy Candy aka Candied Jalapenos

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