Elraes MillerAugust 30, 2014

Somewhere along the way I started tracking recalls. There are a number of sites including gov.

It surprised me that a number of appliances and common items we use are listed. More so when someone posts about buying a specific item. The sites let you search by manufact, serial number, model or just a name.

Do any of you check recalls prior to buying? I see the various products still being sold in stores, of course the salesperson is never going to tell you there is a recall. You have to learn about it on your own to get your new product fixed. Most which are truly dangerous are removed, although I still see them on shelves. One was a spray sealant for tile and 2 years later it was still on a big box end cap. They did finally get it off shelf.

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i am on an email list mailing for food that is being recalled for i.e. listeria, e coli. etc. contaminated items

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Wow, that's scary! I thought they had to take things off the market...apparently not, huh? Although, I must say, oftentimes it is certain lot numbers that are recalled. Could that have been the case?

I think I read once that it is not even legal to sell recalled things on craigslist or at yard sales...for instance; car seats, strollers, baby beds.

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Sorry..duplicate post...

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