Engineered flooring in very low humidity?

dwpcNovember 20, 2012

We're replacing the wall-to-wall carpet in our N AZ home with engineered hardwood. We're concerned about the performance of engineered hardwood flooring in our extremely dry climate where indoor humidity is under 20% most of the time. Several mfrs state a 30% minimum humidity in their warranty. What are the risks? Warping and cracking? Is our concern valid?

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Someone who works with wood flooring in your region is the best to consult with on this. However, my best 'guess' is that the engineered flooring, especially factory finished with a peeled veneer, would show some splitting and checking of the veneer surface, and the core layers might also be subject to delamination because of excessive drying.

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When we went back to look at more samples Wednesday, I asked about inside humidity and after some hmmming and hawing, the saleman said that, yes, we should install a humidifier to prevent cracking. I'd bet most buyers are not told...until they have a problem with their floor and seek warranty coverage.

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Did they say anything about engineered flooring over radiant hydronic heat? Would this help without otherwise humidifying?

I am considering using engineered hardwood over radiant hydronic heat in a low humidity area (Lake Tahoe). It ISN'T very low humidity. Inside has ranged from 20-50 with no humidification over the last 4 months. It is usually around 20-30 in the summer when the windows would be open anyway, so would a humidifier really work then anyway? However, the house I am looking at is over an open crawl space which I read dries the house out somewhat, so the humidity could be lower there. Thoughts?

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